Snyk and Red Hat Empower Developers to Secure OpenShift Applications

Red Hat and Snyk partner to help developers deliver actionable, scalable cloud native security with automated remediation of open source vulnerabilities in application development

Snyk secures the entire OpenShift software development life cycle

of application code is open source

of codebases audited by security vendors had security vulnerabilities or license issues

alongside their rapid adoption, there’s a surge in container vulnerabilities

of developers don’t test their container images in development

As a security engineer, how can you increase the level of security without becoming a roadblock for developers?

Snyk’s database goes far beyond CVE vulnerabilities and includes many additional non-CVE vulnerabilities that are derived from several sources. The data is hand-curated to make it consumable for developers and Snyk is designed to integrate into a developer’s workflow.

As a developer, how can you take ownership of your app, from IDE to running cluster?

New Snyk integrations for Red Hat CodeReady Dependency Analytics and the Red Hat OpenShift platform enhance developer-led security for Red Hat customers. Using Snyk, developers can quickly and easily find and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies, containers, Kubernetes configurations and serverless applications that run on OpenShift.

Govern compliance effectively with automated policy enforcement

Once images have been scanned, prevent vulnerable deployments in your cluster, and monitor your running environments for newly introduced vulnerabilities. Building automated developer-first security into the process maximizes confidence in cloud-native transformation.

Snyk enhances CodeReady Dependency Analytics with deepest, most up-to-date data so users can find and fix vulnerabilities as they code

With additional optimization provided by Snyk Intel data, the CodeReady Dependency Analytics extension gives developers a real-time view of their risk while writing code, on numerous IDEs. Snyk Intel, a comprehensive database of open source vulnerability intelligence, includes hand-curated and actionable security advisories from the Snyk research team.

Want to see how your projects are doing?

As a Red Hat Ready partner, Snyk is certified for use on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and above.