Snyk Infrastructure as Code

IaC security for devs and DevOps

Reduce risk by automating IaC security and compliance in development workflows pre-deployment and detecting drifted and missing resources post-deployment.

Secure infrastructure from the source

Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) embeds secure development practices throughout the infrastructure lifecycle, giving developers the visibility and expertise to proactively remediate security issues and reach 100% IaC coverage in the cloud.

Secure IaC from the start

Deploy secure configurations to the cloud with established IaC checks as early as the IDE.

Codify best practices

Enforce Snyk security rules and custom policies from code to cloud using Open Policy Agent (OPA).

Empower every developer with security expertise

Each and every developer will be a part of the security team when Snyk's industry-leading security intelligence is integrated into their tools and workflows.


Developer-first IaC security

Get vulnerability remediation guidance in-line with code to make developer-led fixes actionable and efficient.

Seamless policy as code

Implement Snyk security rules, custom policies, and compliance-mapped security rulesets from code to cloud.

Drift detection

Identify resources that have changed in your cloud environments to prevent policy violations and deployment failures.

Cloud to code and back

Detect cloud resources not managed by Terraform and bring them under IaC control to reduce misconfigurations.

IaC security designed for developers and DevOps

Snyk IaC is designed to make it easy for developers to keep their applications secure from the start and continuously throughout their entire lifecycle.

IDE plugins improve developer productivity

Snyk integrates real-time testing into developer workflows and provides fix advice to drive faster remediation.

Unified policy engine ensures secure and compliant IaC

Build custom policies using OPA and Rego to create a consistent policy engine from code to cloud.

Efficiency from one platform

Secure your entire application — code, open source, containers, and IaC — from a single platform to develop fast and stay secure!

IaC security from tools you use

Snyk supports your favorite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.

Continuous security throughout the SDLC


Integrated IDE checks

Find and fix misconfigurations during coding to avoid future issues and save time.

Native Git scanning

Test projects directly from their repositories and monitor them daily for new misconfigurations

CI/CD security gate

Automate security in your Terraform Cloud pipelines with the Snyk Run Task integration.

Supported IaC formats



Security for Terraform files, including workflows with Terragrunt and Atlantis.


AWS CloudFormation

Comprehensive security around CloudFormation and AWS.


Azure Resource Manager

Prevent risky deployments to Azure with ARM security scanning and remediations.



Best practice and industry standards security around Kubernetes, inclusive of Helm charts.

First time, runtime, all the time

Snyk IaC is part of our cloud security solution. Cloud deployments live in a state of flux, and your cloud security tools need to be able to keep up.

Unified Policy Engine

Let all stakeholders operate efficiently under a single source of truth for cloud policy using OPA.

IaC security

Secure your infrastructure as code before you deploy and detect drift as it occurs.

Container security

Scan your base images and K8s manifests before you deploy. Stay secure at runtime with Sysdig.

Compliance automation

Take advantage of comprehensive, best-in-class compliance right out of the box.

Get started with Snyk IaC

Secure infrastructure as code configurations with automatic vulnerability scanning, remediation advice, and drift management.


Unlimited tests

License compliance

Jira integration


Unlimited tests

License compliance

Jira integration


Rich API

Custom user roles

Security policy management

On-prem container registries

Custom policies for IaC configurations

Kubernetes monitoring and prioritization