Snyk Code

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) re-imagined for the developer.

Secure code with a developer-friendly experience

Dev-Friendly Experience

Proven Snyk experience extended to code security testing

Real-Time Scan Results

See results as you code, with scans 10-50x faster than other solutions

Find More Vulnerabilities

Using semantic analysis to unveil security and performance bugs

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See how Snyk re-imagined SAST as a Dev-first solution in this on-demand demo.

Bringing a frictionless dev-first approach to SAST

Efficiency from a single platform

Leverage a platform approach to address code, open source and containers to enable modern development shops to develop fast and stay secure!

Secure coding from the start

Release more secure code on-time with a developer-first security tool, no need to compile.


Enable modern development teams to embrace security to increase the overall speed and quality of software.

IDE plugins improve developer productivity

Real-time testing integrated into developer workflows drive quick issue resolution.

Rich curated content

Clear context-aware argumentation and explanation of finding. Additional information to learn and prevent.

Open Source Examples

Provides examples on how open source libraries with the same issue fixed it.

Test and Fix as early as possible, directly from your workbench

Integrated IDE check

Detect, learn, and fix vulnerabilities during coding to avoid future fixing time and save development time.

Native Git scanning

Test your projects directly from the repositories and monitor daily for new vulnerabilities.

CI/CD security gate

Integrate code vulnerability scans into the build process by adding an automated Snyk Code test to your CI/CD.

AI that augments the developer experience

Snyk Code follows a fundamentally new concept for static code analysis. Its unprecedented speed and accuracy provides actionable results right when the code is written. The result is code security plus developer productivity and motivation.

Real-time semantic code analysis

The unique speed of the Snyk Code engine allows it to process vast amounts of code and quickly identify patterns of change that occur in code. The engine then uses logic programming rules to surface security issues enriched with meta information such as explanation and examples.

Continuous AI Learning

The Snyk Code AI engine uses a special process that combines machine learning from millions of open-source commits and feedback from a Snyk Security Expert. It uses the known issues from Snyk’s Security Intelligence database to inform the training set. The process is unique and guarantees a continually growing and refined symbolic AI knowledge-base for code security with extensive easy to understand and curated content.

Trusted by software driven industry leaders

“Likened to a spell checker for developers, DeepCode’s cloud service reviews code and provides alerts about critical vulnerabilities, with the intent of stopping security bugs from making it into production. The goal is to enable safer, cleaner code and deliver it faster.”

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