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Modern security starts with developers

 Development practices have fundamentally changed — and so should security. New methods and challenges make the traditional siloed approach impossible to sustain. 

Development is
faster than ever

DevOps, cloud, and open source software help developers create, test, and release code in less time.

There are more
apps than ever

The number of new apps continues to grow and security needs visibility across the entire code base and software supply chain.

Everything is in the
developer’s hands

Traditional infrastructure was secured by IT, but now that everything is in the cloud, security is in the developer’s hands.

A developer-centric security journey

Whether you’re taking the first steps toward developer security, or expanding an established security program, Snyk has the knowledge and resources to help you grow.

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Developer-first security

Empowering developers to maintain code security means that vulnerabilities are addressed early in and across the development process, leading to fewer bottlenecks and more efficient development cycles. 

Effortless security with automation

You’ve already automated operations, so why not save time and reduce human error by automating security tasks. Snyk’s automatic fixes, integrations, API, and more make security quick and easy. 

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Shared ownership with DevSecOps

As security blends with development procedures, Snyk helps you transition to DevSecOps, integrating developer security into existing systems and providing visibility and governance across all your applications.

Snyk’s developer security solutions

Transitioning to DevSecOps can be challenging, but with Snyk it doesn’t have to be. Hundreds of organizations — big and small, security veterans and novices — trust our developer security platform to keep their applications secure.

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Application security

Snyk gives developers the tools to build securely from the start.

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Snyk Open Source

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Snyk Learn

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Supply chain security

Snyk helps you secure critical components of your software supply chain

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Snyk Open Source

Snyk Container

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Cloud security

In just 15 minutes, you could be building and operating more securely in the cloud 

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Snyk Container

Snyk IaC

Snyk Cloud


“I’m an advocate for automation and shifting left, and I think Snyk is one of the most important tools to scale the security effort across an organization”

Amol Deshpande

Product Security Engineer, Salesforce

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