Snyk for Government

Snyk is a developer-first platform for building software securely.

Many Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence, and Federal Civilian agencies are turning to Snyk to enable and accelerate their modern application security.

2.2M developers build securely with Snyk

Snyk Blog | A Shift In The Software Supply Chain Paradigm

Developer Security

Loved by both developers and security teams

vulnerabilities while you code, with IDE and SCM integrations

quickly and early, with automated remediation and actionable insight

introducing new vulnerabilities into your code base through new dependencies and code changes

with reporting and alerts providing visibility of application security posture across development teams

with security and license policies and contextual prioritization defined and customized across the organization

Security Across the Cloud Native Application Stack

Secure all the components of the modern cloud native application in a single platform.

Automatically find, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies throughout your development process

Find and fix vulnerabilities in your application code in real-time during the development process.

Find and fix vulnerabilities in containers and Kubernetes applications

Find and fix Kubernetes and Terraform infrastructure as code issues while in development

Trusted by the industry

Continuous Security

Integrated across the SDLC to support continuous application security at each step.