Strengthen your software supply chain security

Snyk helps you secure critical components of your software supply chain, including open source libraries, container images, cloud infrastructure, and developer tools.

Mitigate risk across your software supply chain

Snyk can help you understand and manage supply chain security, from enabling secure design to tracking dependencies to fixing vulnerabilities.

Design applications securely at the start

Track the security, maintenance, and popularity of over 1M open source packages across ecosystems.

Build an SBOM in seconds

Scan your apps to create a software bill of materials, identifying all your components and how they interact.

Fix more security issues faster

Get remediation advice and automatically generate fix PRs right from the tools teams use.

Apply security best practices across the supply chain

Snyk gives you visibility into supply chain security issues and provides fix advice for fast resolutions.


Know the security posture of open source packages

Snyk Advisor and the Snyk Vulnerability Database provide up-to-date insights into critical risks and how to mitigate them, so you can manage security threats before your projects even start.


Identify dependencies and find vulnerabilities

Use Snyk Open SourceSnyk Container, and our audit services to analyze your projects and generate a software bill of materials (SBOM) that includes the list of open source packages, known vulnerabilities, and remediation advice.


Apply fix advice quickly

Fix PRs enable your developers to fix vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently so they can get back to building applications.

Secure the components of your software supply chain

Snyk integrates with many tools, pipelines, and workflows, enabling you to leverage security throughout your supply chain.

Supply chains are built on transitive dependencies

Log4Shell gave the world an idea how much trouble a supply chain vulnerability can cause. But Snyk made it easy to find and fix this vulnerability in both direct and transitive dependencies.



Percent of Snyk customers affected by Log4Shell.



Percent of Log4Shell instances were found in transitive dependencies.


280 hrs

Average developer hours saved by resolving Log4Shell with Snyk.



Average ROI per customer from remediating Log4Shell with Snyk.

Snyk security solutions

Backed by industry-leading security intelligence, Snyk’s developer security solutions give you the tools to secures your custom code, open source dependencies, containers, and cloud infrastructure all from a single platform.

Application security

Develop securely from the start and give security teams comprehensive controls and visibility.

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Supply chain Security

Identify and mitigate risk to secure the critical components of your software supply chain.

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Cloud security

Build and operate more securely in the cloud while freeing up time for your security team.

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