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  • How does Snyk count developers? Snyk defines contributing developers as developers having made a commit to a private repo monitored by Snyk in the last 90 days. We do not count contributions to public (open source) repos. Contributor counts are displayed in Snyk’s Usage page.
  • How does Snyk count tests? Snyk keeps separate test counts for each Snyk product (Snyk Open Source, Snyk Code, Snyk Container and Snyk IaC), and for each Pricing plan. See What counts as a test? for more details.
  • How does Snyk secure my data? Snyk places the utmost importance on data security and provides you with flexible deployment options. While our SaaS model provides fast time-to-value and ease-of-use, users can opt for our Broker in case of more stringent requirements. For a breakdown of how Snyk secures your data, please refer to our docs.
  • Does Snyk store any credit card information in your systems? No. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Stripe (see Stripe’s Terms and Services).