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  • Who counts as a contributing developer? We refer to a developer as any active contributor to the project you are securing with Snyk who has made at least one commit in the last 90 days.
  • Are contributors to my open source projects counted? No. Open source projects are unlimited across all Snyk plans: Free, Team, Business, and Enterprise.
  • How can I get a count of my active contributors? Take a look at our documentation for help with counting contributors.
  • How do you count tests?
    • For tests from source code management, we count daily recurring tests, an automatic test whenever your dependencies change on your default branch, and depending on your settings, whenever you create a pull request which changes those dependencies.
      • If you have a Dockerfile in your source code repos, the default settings will detect and scan it, but Dockerfiles are counted as a Snyk Container test, rather than a Snyk Open Source test.
      • Terraform and Kubernetes configuration files that are scanned from source code repositories are counted as Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) tests.
    • For the Snyk CLI, we count each call to snyk test or snyk monitor as a test. If you’re scanning container images (`snyk container test` or `snyk container monitor`) then the test will be counted as a Snyk Container test; likewise, scanning IaC files (`snyk iac test`) will count as Snyk IaC tests.
    • For container scans from a registry or your Kubernetes cluster, we count the initial test and subsequent recurring tests, which occur once per day by default.
    • Note that the limit for tests is different between open source and container scans, with 200 tests for open source vulnerabilities and 100 tests for container vulnerabilities, and 300 tests for IaC.
  • What are the different user roles on Snyk? A free Snyk org only has administrators available, whereas paid plans (Team, Business, and Enterprise) allow you to add collaborators. Collaborators can view and contribute to projects, but cannot access billing details or invite team members.
  • Do you store any credit card information in your systems? No. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Stripe (see Stripe’s Terms and Services).
  • How do I access my on-prem source code management system (GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, GitLab)? This can be done using the Snyk broker – an open source tool that acts as a proxy brokering communication between Snyk and your on-prem source code management solution such as GitHub Enterprise, GitLab CE/EE, Bitbucket Server, and on-prem container registries. Learn more about Snyk broker.
  • How does Snyk secure my data? What if I have strict data sovereignty requirements? Snyk places the utmost importance on data security and provides you with flexible deployment options. While our SaaS model provides fast time-to-value and ease-of-use, users can opt for our Broker or Cloud Native Appliance in case of more stringent requirements. For a breakdown of how Snyk secures your data, please refer to this datasheet.
  • How do Snyk Open Source, and Snyk Container, Snyk IaC, and Snyk Code work together? Snyk’s products complement each other, providing developers with a wider coverage across all the code making up the application. The interface for the solutions is integrated, allowing teams to consume data on a unified platform.