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Free plan includes:
  • Unlimited tests on open-source projects ?
    We love open source :)
  • 200 tests on private projects,
    up to 100 container tests.
    Run a total of 200 tests a month on your private projects, including up to 100 container tests.
  •, Bitbucket Cloud,
    Azure Repos & (Cloud Git) Integration
    Shift security to the left! Find, fix and prevent vulnerabilities by continuously testing your repos for disclosed vulnerabilities, as well as test each pull request or commit to block vulnerable dependencies from being added.
  • Remediation for open-source projects ?
    Upgrade or patch vulnerable dependencies from the CLI or with a Pull Request via cloud SCM Integration.
  • CI/CD pipeline integration ?
    Build security gates into your continuous build and deployment process, no matter which build tool you use.
  • Continuous monitoring ?
    Your dependencies tested every day for newly disclosed vulnerabilities affecting your projects. Get notified if action is needed.
$ 599 per month,
billed annually
25 developers
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Same as the Free plan, plus:
  • Unlimited application dependency tests ?
    Check for application dependency vulnerabilities as often as you want.
  • Reports ?
    Track your security effort across your portfolio, measure your exposure window, identify projects impacted by given vulnerabilities.
  • Bill of Materials ?
    Get an accurate measure of which open source dependencies (including nested dependencies) and licenses are being used across your portfolio.
  • Licenses ?
    Understand the legal risk associated with your project dependencies, drive license compliance throughout the SDLC.
  • Rich API ?
    Build custom tooling via API and augment your existing dashboards with security data generated by Snyk.
  • Unlimited container tests
    (optional add-on)
    Docker scanning and advanced remediation via the Snyk CLI
$ 1659 per month,
billed annually
50 developers
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Same as the Standard plan, plus:
  • On Prem Git
    (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab)
    Connect to on premise source code management systems via the Snyk Broker, ensuring secure and controlled access to your source code repositories.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) ?
    Allow simple and controlled user access to your teams, enforcing your organization’s security policies for authentication and authorization.
  • Teams & Groups ?
    Manage your teams and their projects so that each developer and team get only the view and alerts relevant for them, as well as report on issues across multiple teams for trending and exposure windows.
  • Jira integration ?
    Create Jira issues directly from Snyk, integrating into your existing triaging process.
  • Service Accounts ?
    Create a special type of user that has an API token associated with it that isn’t tied to a particular user
  • Unlimited container tests
    (optional add-on)
    Docker scanning and advanced remediation via the Snyk CLI
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Hosted & On-premise
150+ developers
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Same as the Pro plan, plus:
  • On Premise
    • Fully featured
    • Air-gapped network support
    • Seamless installation
    Satisfy the toughest security constraints by running Snyk within your own perimeter, Internet connected or not.
  • Support & SLAs ?
    Follow the sun support backed up by services and response times with committed SLAs.
  • Account management ?
    Dedicated Account Manager and direct line with entire Snyk organization via dedicated Slack room.
  • Custom legal terms
  • Band pricing
  • Unlimited container tests
    (optional add-on)
    Docker scanning and advanced remediation via the Snyk CLI

Have a question?

Who counts as a developer?

We refer to a developer as any active contributor to the project you are securing with Snyk who has made at least one commit in the last 90 days.

How can I get a count of my active contributors?

Contact your Snyk representative to get an automatic count of your active contributors

Are contributors to my open source projects counted?

Open source projects are unlimited when using the free plan. When on a paid plan however, the contributors to these are counted towards the total number of developers we are considering for pricing.

What are the different user roles on Snyk?

The free plan has only administrators, whereas the other plans allow you to add collaborators. Collaborators can view and contribute to projects, but can’t access billing details or invite team members.

Do you store any credit card information in your systems?

No. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Stripe. See Stripe’s Terms and Services.

How do you count tests?

For GitHub projects, we count a test whenever you make a change to your dependencies on your default branch, and depending on your settings, whenever you create a pull request which changes those dependencies. For the Snyk CLI, we count each call to snyk test or snyk monitor as a test.

How do I access my On Premise SCM (Github Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, Gitlab)?

The broker is an open source project that acts as a proxy brokering communication between and your on premise source code management solution such as Github Enterprise, Gitlab CE/EE, Bitbucket server. Learn more at

What data is leaving my perimeter and going into the Snyk Cloud? What if I am not allowed to upload anything to the cloud?

Snyk tools aim to extract a dependency tree from your project using various techniques. A representation of this tree is uploaded into our backend to compare against our vulnerability database. If your security constraints are not allowing this tree to leave your network, our on premise version is then recommended. Contact us to learn more.