Find and fix zero-day vulnerabilities fast

Snyk helps you quickly respond to zero-day vulnerabilities in your direct and indirect dependencies to reduce impact to your organization. Find with a click, fix with a PR.

High severity vulnerability in HTTP/2

Find and fix CVE-2023-44487 with Snyk.

Zero-day vulnerabilities: "when" not "if"

Zero-day vulnerabilities arise without notice, so you need an AppSec solution and response playbook in place to find and remediate immediately to reduce risk and exposure. 

The majority of code in a project is third-party

Free and open source software constitutes 70-90% of any modern software solution, all of which is vulnerable to zero-days.

Dependencies have their own dependencies

Fixing zero-days in direct dependencies can be tough, but fixing zero-days in indirect dependencies takes powerful tools.

Malicious actors are getting faster

58% of hackers need just five hours or less to exploit a security weakness once reported, so your clock is ticking.

Snyk customers find and fix zero-day vulns faster

When the critical Log4Shell vulnerability hit, Snyk customers remediated the vulnerability faster – protecting their applications and their own customers, while saving developer hours.


Remediate 100x faster than industry average


280 developer hours saved on average


$13,400 average ROI per customer

“Snyk was the first to update [to remediate Log4Shell]... I felt very comfortable understanding our posture, understanding who was impacted, and being able to figure out next steps.”

CVS Health

Amanda Alvarez

Technical Security Product Owner, CVS Health

Enable your developers to remediate zero-day vulnerabilities quickly with Snyk

Snyk helps developers and security teams to find and fix security vulnerabilities as quickly and as effortlessly as possible because incident response teams need to react to critical vulnerabilities fast.

Industry-leading open source & container security intelligence

Our researchers hand-curate Snyk Vulnerability Database with up-to-date security data, including the very latest zero-day vulnerability information, so you can accurately identify risks and fix them quickly in both direct and indirect dependencies — often with just a few clicks.

Continuous monitoring to find faster

Snyk runs in your Git repos, scans from the IDE, and adds security directly into CI/CD, so projects are continuously monitored for the latest vulnerabilities.

Suggested fixes so your devs can fix quickly and move on

Snyk uses application context to provide security-proven suggested fixes for vulnerable code, including recommending updated dependencies, so your developers can apply the fix that's right for them quickly.

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Snyk is a developer security platform. Integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines, Snyk makes it easy for teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit.

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