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Snyk Open Source provides advanced software composition analysis (SCA) backed by industry-leading intelligence.

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Snyk Wave

Find vulnerabilities early and throughout development

Snyk Open Source provides a developer-first SCA solution, helping developers find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities and license issues in open source dependencies.

Coding and CLI

Find vulnerable dependencies as you code in your IDE or CLI. This lets you avoid future fixes, saving you valuable development time.

Pull requests

Scan pull requests before merging. Test your projects directly from the repository and monitor them daily for new vulnerabilities.

CI/CD tools

Prevent new vulnerabilities from passing through the build process by adding an automated Snyk test to your CI/CD pipeline.

Live environment

Test your production environment to verify that there is no exposure to existing vulnerabilities and monitor for newly disclosed issues.

Fix, monitor, scan, automate 

Snyk features put you in control of open source security management, from remediation to reporting.

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Fix quickly to reduce exposure

Snyk automates vulnerability fixes with a one-click pull request populated with the required upgrades and patches.

Monitor continuously to stay secure

Automatically monitor your projects and deployed code for vulnerabilities. Get updates on newly identified vulnerabilities through your preferred reporting channels.

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Take control of your dependencies

Snyk helps you stay in control of dependency security by providing the ability to run scans of transitive dependencies for all languages and unmanaged dependencies for C/C++.

Automate open source security management and governance

Continuously evaluate compliance with regulatory and internal security policies using real-time and historical reporting, packaged for security engineers and GRC teams.

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Developers choose

Snyk Open Source

Snyk Open Source accommodates developers with integration into workflow tools, automated scans, and actionable security intelligence.

Developer-friendly workflow

Snyk works with your developer tools across the software development lifecycle.

Automated, actionable fixes

Snyk helps you fix vulnerabilities with actionable advice and automated workflows.

Vulnerability intelligence

Snyk is powered by our team’s database of open source vulnerability intelligence.

Secure open source
at every step

Stay secure across coding, code management, CI/CD, containers, deployment, and reporting tools.

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“Before Snyk, our approach to open source security was slow and time-consuming. We did manual checks of our packages before releases for some products (lots of googling and bookmarks), for others we use a collection of smaller tools. There are only a few security engineers at the company, but hundreds of developers; we will never scale with them, so we must proactively enable them.”

Stuart Larsen

Security Engineer at MongoDB

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Snyk Open Source

Find and automatically fix vulnerabilities in your open source packages and transitive dependencies.

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