Snyk IaC

Drift management

Infrastructure can and still is modified post-deployment, causing deviations from what’s defined in IaC and what exists in the cloud. Drift management for Snyk IaC secures your entire infrastructure lifecycle from code to cloud by detecting infrastructure drift in cloud environments and surfacing unmanaged infrastructure.

Sync your IaC with your cloud

Empower developers and cloud security teams to secure their Terraform from code to cloud. Snyk IaC helps you secure faster by reporting cloud infrastructure drift issues and unmanaged resources direct to developers.

Detect drift

Fast and free scanning of your Terraform that has been  deployed to the cloud, but has since deviated from its secure and compliant version.

Surface unmanaged resources

Maximize developer adoption of security by reporting drift and ghost resources directly to developers in their preferred workflows.

Scale up your IaC

Identify unmanaged resources or resources that were manually created; bring them under Terraform control and into compliance.

Own your Terraform post-deployment


Scan Cloud Environments for drift

Detect differences between the intended configuration represented by IaC, and the actual state for AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Detect changes in managed and unmanaged resources

Discover resources that are unmanaged in the IaC code base to determine what then needs to be managed or deleted.

Get structured drift results from within your CLI

Quickly understand the issue with categorization by resource type and a user-friendly output.

Millions of developers build securely with Snyk