Snyk Technology Alliance Partners

The Snyk Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) enables developer-focused software companies to build, integrate, and go to market with Snyk security solutions.

Benefits of partnership

Enhanced customer experience

Seamlessly integrate Snyk security solutions into the existing workflows, tools, and processes your customers use.

Access to a broad developer community

Promote your solution with  Snyk to thousands of companies and millions of developers worldwide.

More opportunities for growth

Leverage a Snyk partnership to boost the value to your solutions and create significant revenue opportunities.

Exclusive resources for partners

Snyk’s Partner Connect portal gives Technology Alliance Partners the self-service tools and resources needed to gain a competitive edge with Snyk.


Leverage Snyk Apps to integrate Snyk security into your existing workflows, tools, and processes to create seamlessly powerful solutions for developers.


Easily create go-to-market collateral using templates on Partner Connect and share your better-together solution with our joint customers.


Get access to Snyk’s sales and technical training to keep your teams on the cutting edge of developer-first security.

Select TAPP

This first step on the partnership path with Snyk gives you access to turn-key, self-serve resources for creating new Snyk solutions and a go-to-market strategy.


From your first line of code to production, 1Password Developer Tools streamlines how you manage passwords, API keys, and other sensitive information.


appNovi integrates with your existing network and security tools to adopt a cybersecurity mesh architecture that makes security accessible.


Enable AppSec teams to get a complete view of their application security posture.


At-Bay is a specialty insurance provider designed from the ground up to help businesses meet digital risk head-on.


Avalor contextualizes your findings for better prioritization and accountability while managing your path to remediation.


Balbix enables organizations to discover, prioritize and mitigate unseen risks and vulnerabilities at high velocity.


Adopt a risk-led approach to prioritized mitigation and ensure software supply chain integrity.


Secure your applications & APIs for both technical and business logic vulnerabilities at the speed of DevOps, with minimal false positives.


Brinqa’s Snyk integration adds open source vulnerability data to application risk management solutions.


Empowering clients with a complete view across communications, content and applications.


Founded by the industry's leading experts on open source software, supply chain security, and cloud native development.


Make it easy to automate security and container scanning in CircleCI workflows.


Snyk and CloudBees partner to help developers using Jenkins implement security into their CI/CD pipeline.


Secure your software supply chain! Codenotary is the leader for Trusted CI/CD, tamperproof SBOM, and artifact protection - at scale!


Cortex is a developer portal for cataloging services and resources for building a culture of reliability.


Dassana helps customers operationalize their security tooling by discovering tool coverage gaps and visualizing security posture.


Snyk’s industry-leading vulnerability data provides millions of developers with continuous container security.


Eliminate security gaps and automate your organization’s AppSec program from end to end.


Scan your GraphQL endpoints to find and fix their security flaws before production with Escape.


The FortMesa platform was designed to assess, plan, and remediate security gaps using automation coupled with non-cyber or non-IT personnel.


Eliminate hardcoded secrets from your software supply chain with GitGuardian Secrets Detection.


Hubble’s Technology Intelligence Platform provides end-to-end visibility across your entire technology domain.


FDA-grade Medical Software Development Platform Built for Agile. Step-by-Step, Compliant-by-Design Workflows turn Regular Developers into Regulated Developers.


Manage all your security testing tools in one place and build workflows for faster triage and remediation with Kondukto.


Legit Security protects an organization's software supply chain from attack and ensures secure application delivery.


We’re helping open technology projects build world class open source software, communities and companies.


The Monad platform enables companies to extract, normalize, and enrich all their data from the most relevant security tools.


MongoDB is the developer data platform that provides the services and tools necessary to build distributed applications fast.


Snyk + Nightfall allow developers to extend security within the applications they deploy.


Noetic Cyber enables security teams to make faster, more accurate decisions to detect coverage gaps and reduce cyber risk.


An automated vulnerability management solution that accelerates vulnerability response and enhances application security.


Opsera automates any CI/CD toolchain, enables declarative pipelines, and provides unified insights across your entire software delivery process.


Detect any breach, anywhere by adding Snyk vulnerabilities into Panther as a log source.


Enabling organizations to scale application and cloud security with the patent-pending Phoenix Framework.


Rafay helps platform teams centralize, unify, and standardize the use of Kubernetes across the enterprise.


Rapid7 unites cloud risk management and threat detection to deliver results that secure your business and ensure you’re always ready for what comes next.


Resmo helps customers get visibility and secure their entire cloud-native stack, including Saas, within minutes.


Track physical and digital assets confidently and securely, to reduce operational costs and increase business resiliency.


Developer-centric dashboards for risk assessment, threat modeling, and secure coding in one platform.


Seemplicity revolutionizes the way security teams work by automating, optimizing and scaling all risk reduction workflows in one workspace.


Silk Security is a risk management platform that unifies security alerts across all tools, simplifying the remediation process.


Snowflake enables customers to use their Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads.


Connect and automate your security stack for faster, more structured response and remediation.


Trend Micro Cloud One – Open Source Security by Snyk provides continuous insight into open source vulnerabilities to enhance risk management and drive data-driven remediation decisions.


Tromzo brings security visibility and control to the software delivery pipeline, end-to-end.


Vanta helps companies scale security practices and automate compliance for the industry’s most sought after standards.


Build, run, and manage modern apps on any cloud with VMware Tanzu.


The Vulcan Cyber vulnerability management platform helps security teams reduce manual workload and improve security posture.


"By integrating Sysdig’s runtime context, Snyk users can quickly prioritize fixes based on risk, saving precious developer time. The Sysdig Secure runtime threat detection complements Snyk Container vulnerability management to deliver security from source to run."

Phil Williams

VP Global Corp. Dev., Alliances & GSI

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Snyk is a developer security platform. Integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines, Snyk makes it easy for teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit.

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