GSP Partners

The Snyk Global Service Provider (GSP) program helps you engage customers exactly where they need the most, by offering solutions and building secure services utilizing the Snyk platform.

Why partner with Snyk?

Snyk’s Global Service Providers program is designed to give partner-led services the  flexibility and choice they need in order to add the optimum services for their business vision and customers.

Managed service licensing

For MSSPs – help customers manage and fix vulnerabilities found by Snyk and other tools.

Resell with services

Resell Snyk as part of a larger solution with implementation services.

Influence sales

Bring customers to Snyk and let our team offer services directly to them.

Exclusive support for partners

The Snyk GSP program delivers the structure and resources our partners need to increase offer value, provide agile customer support, and expand their own business.

Improve customer security

Establish a robust application security posture by leveraging application development and modernization services, as well as DevSecOps practices.

Design solutions

Assess, recommend, and build the ideal set of solutions for each customer by offering design, implementation, and integration services.

Deliver secure code

Secure the code behind your application development and modernization services to elevate the level of quality and protect your customers from risk.

Promote dev-first culture

Bring developer tools and methodologies into workflows to help customers address security as early as possible in the development lifecycle without disruption.

Establish accountability

Protect customers and avoid client backlash (or FTC fines) by addressing all kinds of vulnerabilities — known and unknown.

Industry-leading intelligence

Find and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered to help customers secure each phase of the software development lifecycle.