Snyk & Datadog

Precisely Identify and Prioritize Code-Level Security Fixes in Production Applications

How does the Snyk & Datadog integration benefit developers and operations professionals?

By combining Snyk vulnerability intelligence and fix functionality with Datadog technology, developers can now precisely pinpoint when an application actually calls vulnerable code.

With Snyk’s developer-first security integrated into your infrastructure monitoring, engineers can prioritize fixes based on real-world application behavior.

Why is the Snyk & Datadog integration needed?

Datadog reveals performance bottlenecks, but this analysis on its own does not provide insight into code-level exposures.

Together Snyk and Datadog allow developers to immediately detect when and how often vulnerable methods are invoked in live environments to prioritize code-level security fixes.

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Snyk Intel Data
Snyk Rotate

Test & fix

Snyk Rotate


Snyk Rotate
Source Control

Test, Fix, Monitor

Snyk Rotate

Add Snyk vulnerability intelligence to the runtime, identify vulnerable methods reached, prioritize & fix most critical vulnerabilities.

Snyk Rotate

Test, Fix & Gate with the Github Actions

Snyk Rotate

Datadog’s GitHub Action simplifies integration to automate vulnerability analysis with every new deployment.

Snyk Rotate

Reached Vuln Data

Snyk Rotate

Ingest runtime operational data from Datadog into Snyk to help with prioritization scoring in source code.

Runtime Vuln Reached Data
(Roadmap H2 2021)

Why use Snyk & Datadog:

Thomas Sobolik

Technical Content Writer, Datadog

With the new integration, teams can immediately identify exactly what parts of their application that are being called contain vulnerabilities—making it easy to focus remediation.


Ilan Rabinovitch

Vice President, Product & Community, Datadog

Combining Datadog visibility in product traffic with Snyk’s trusted, curated vulnerability data provides a new lens that will enable developers to make more accurate and informed security decisions


Abilash Ravikumar

Product Manager, Datadog

the Datadog Vulnerability Analysis GitHub Action enables easy integration between your application, Datadog Continuous Profiler, and Snyk’s vulnerability database to provide actionable security heuristics.