Robust cloud security that lightens your load

In just 15 minutes, you could be building and operating more securely in the cloud — all while freeing up time for your security team.

Cloud security that starts early and doesn’t stop

Snyk detects cloud security issues starting right from the design phase, providing expert guidance to developers and security teams right from the tools and workflows they already use.

Cloud security right from the start

Design, deploy, and operate securely using tools built for engineers backed by policy as code automation.

Vuln remediation advice in real time

Get fix recommendations right from your workflows, backed by industry-leading security intelligence.

Security from code to cloud and back

Catch issues at runtime in your cloud and containers, detect infrastructure drift, and fix issues at their source.

Security tools built for engineers

By being developer-first, Snyk lets developers tackle security before they ever get a code review. Snyk also gives security teams the tools to make their jobs easier.


Zoom in on details, zoom out for the big picture

Snyk cloud visualizations give you an interactive way to track all of your security issues and how they relate to each other, giving you a full picture.


Give developers a cloud security power-up

Integrate industry-leading find and fix security into existing tools and workflows with Snyk ContainerSnyk IaC, and Sysdig runtime security.


Automate compliance audits

Assess compliance with continuous checks for 10+ supported frameworks across the SDLC and running cloud(s). Evidence and remediate with reporting and dev-first context on Cloud and IaC issues.

First time, runtime, all the time

While immutability is the goal, drift is the reality. Cloud deployments live in a state of flux, and your cloud security tools need to be able to keep up.

Unified Policy Engine

Let all stakeholders operate efficiently under a single source of truth for cloud policy using OPA.

IaC security

Secure your infrastructure as code before you deploy and detect drift as it occurs.

Container security

Scan your base images and K8s manifests before you deploy. Stay secure at runtime with Sysdig.

Compliance automation

Take advantage of comprehensive, best-in-class compliance right out of the box.

Meeting your teams where they work

Snyk supports top ecosystems and seamlessly integrates with existing tools, pipelines, and workflows.


"Our developers use virtually every language… and we use both cloud services and on-prem systems. Snyk tested well in our diverse environment and ticked off more boxes than the other tools we were testing."

Valentin Potier

Security Engineer

Snyk security solutions

Backed by industry-leading security intelligence, Snyk’s developer security solutions give you the tools to secures your custom code, open source dependencies, containers, and cloud infrastructure all from a single platform.

Application security

Develop securely from the start and give security teams comprehensive controls and visibility.

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Supply chain Security

Identify and mitigate risk to secure the critical components of your software supply chain.

Featured Products

Snyk Open Source

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