Enriching bitHound with Snyk

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Dependencies are extremely powerful, but also open up a world of complexity. To successfully secure these packages in your application, you need to consider security as a natural aspect of quality. This means embedding it into your suite of quality tools and practices, making handling security the default.

With that goal in mind, I’m excited to announce today we partnered with bitHound, a powerful tool for improving Node.js application quality, to integrate Snyk’s testing in!

bitHound is the perfect solution for software development teams managing the complexities and urgencies of delivering great software. bitHound continually analyzes all aspects of your JavaScript projects, alerting you and your team when an issue or priority requires your attention.

Snyk test results in bitHound UI.
Snyk-based vulnerable dependencies information inside bitHound

Surfacing vulnerable dependencies is a clear and high priority component in these alerts. Once found, you can use Snyk’s powerful remediation to understand and quickly remediate the security flaws you find, keeping you secure without breaking your stride.

Go ahead, test your application with bitHound today!

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