Snyk CLI drops support for Node.js 4 (Argon)

January 24, 2019 | in Ecosystems
| By Liran Tal

On 30th of April, 2018, Node.js 4 was officially marked as End of Life (EOL) and ceased to receive security updates. At Snyk, we have been committed to continued support for Node.js 4 in our CLI tool, but the time has finally come to wave goodbye.

Today we are announcing the deprecation of Node.js 4 support in the Snyk CLI. We plan to roll out a new version in April, where the CLI will no longer function in an environment running Node.js 4. Moving to newer versions of the Node.js runtime gives us increased performance, security updates, and better compatibility with the Node ecosystem.

What should I do if I need to use Node.js 4?

  • You can continue to use a Snyk CLI version that supports Node.js version 4.
  • We highly recommend that you follow a migration path to a stable and officially supported version of Node.js to be able to receive bug and security fixes. You’ll want to upgrade your version to at least Node.js 6.5.0 Boron (although we recommend 10 Dubnium, the current LTS!)

The last supported version of the Snyk CLI is 1.143.6 which you can install as follows:

$ npm install -g snyk@1.143.6 

You may also consult the changelog notes for all Snyk CLI releases

You can learn more about the Node.js release and support cycles in the following links: