JVM Ecosystem Survey 2019

We’re excited to launch the new JVM Ecosystem Survey 2019. The goal of this survey is to understand the lay of the land across the entire JVM ecosystem and Java in particular. Once we get all of your wonderful responses we’re going to turn them into a beautiful report that you can read, printout, turn into wallpaper, you can literally do whatever you like with it.

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Snyk and the community team up!

Those who are close to the Java Ecosystem will know that I’ve worked on developer surveys in the JVM for over 6 years, but this year I want to work with as many of the largest communities as I can in our eco-system. As a result, I’m thrilled that we’re teaming up with DevNexus, Devoxx, Voxxed, JCrete, Jfokus, The Developer’s Conference (TDC), and AdoptOpenJDK to provide a much broader insight and audience to the survey and results.

The biggest questions we want answers to, include:

  1. Are you adopting the latest versions of Java?
  2. Where are you getting your Java binaries from?
  3. Are you willing to pay for support?
  4. How will you react to the javax namespace restrictions?

OK, OK, take me there!

Need another reason to participate?

How about we give money to the Devoxx4Kids charity? We’ll donate $1000 for 5k responses and $2000 for 10k responses. That’s gotta be worth your time now! If you didn’t know already, Devoxx4Kids organize events worldwide where children can develop computer games, program robots and also have an introduction to electronics.

Devoxx4Kids logo

The survey won’t take long to fill out and once you’ve done that, you can optionally provide your name and email you’ll be included in a draw to win tickets to either DevNexus, Devoxx, Jfokus or the TDC. Additionally, we’ll personally send you a beautiful PDF that will give you all the results in a smart report.

Got it! Let me at it!


Finally, if you’re clearly not going to click anything to fill out the survey, It’s embeded it below, so now you’ve got no excuses!