Snyk Prioritization

Effectively prioritize remediation for the vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies and containers to focus on what matters

Snyk’s prioritization helps answer the critical question: out of the limited time and resources we have, where do we focus our remediation activities to address the highest risks”

Marcin Hoppe, Senior Manager of Product Security, Auth0

Instant vulnerability prioritization

Accelerate triaging with baseline prioritization recommendations

Deep application

Prioritize using deep insight into how your applications run

at scale

Automate and customize prioritization across your organization

Quickly identify the vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk

Priority score

Easily see which issues are the most worthwhile to fix using an advanced scoring system.

Exploit Maturity

Use exploitability indicators to identify the vulnerabilities that can be weaponized more easily.

Go deep! Accurately assess risk with application-level insight

Reachable Vulnerabilities

Gauge risk by identifying whether a vulnerable function is being called by the application or not.

Runtime Monitoring

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on runtime invocation data.

Kubernetes prioritization

Prioritize individual vulnerabilities based on Kubernetes configuration information.

Container prioritization COMING SOON

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on signals from the running containers.

Manage prioritization at scale

Security policies

Govern over how vulnerabilities are prioritized using customizable and automated security rules.

Project Tags/Attributes

Granularly control vulnerability prioritization across your organization by applying policies to projects.