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SnykCon 2022
call for presentations

We’re looking for diverse voices across development, security, and DevOps to share stories of how you’ve built security into the software development lifecycle, mitigated critical vulnerabilities, and protected your organizations.

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CFP closes June 15

Topics we’ll explore at SnykCon

Keep these big ideas in mind as you develop your talk. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stick to these themes if your best stories are outside the box.

Developer security

How are developers being empowered to build securely and how are you creating a culture of secure development?

Software supply chain security

How are you identifying and mitigating risks throughout the development process to secure your software supply chain?

Code to cloud

How do you connect cloud security insights with developer workflows to create actionable security feedback loops?

SnykCon talk types

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20–30 minutes


These sessions feature topics that are exciting to a broad audience. They’ll offer insight into the future of security, share best practices that have worked at scale, or provide inspiration and ideas that attendees can take back to their teams.

5 minutes

Lightning talks

Structured to provide a quick interlude between longer sessions, these talks can highlight a quick case study, tangential topic of interest, or something completely different that makes us say, “Wow!”

25 minutes


Security starts with developers. Share how you’ve solved tough development challenges, integrated or rolled out security, and solved problems that had a big impact. We encourage deep-dive technical sessions to show off your team’s accomplishments.

25 minutes


How did you make security work for your org? Tell us how your team has integrated security into the dev workflow, built a security awareness program, created a collaborative security practice, or navigated internal change management.

Ways to frame your talk


Enable developers to code securely within their tools.

Secure from the start 

Shift security left to build faster and more efficiently.

Find, prioritize, then fix

Prioritize vulnerabilities to balance features and fixes.

Misconfigurations are vulnerabilities

Secure containers and infrastructure the way you secure your code.

Foster cross-team collaboration

Keep devs and security on the same page.

Security controls that support DevSecOps

Automation is the key enabler of security testing.

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