Conference Date October 5–7, 2021

Theme Build Securely

CFP Deadline July 16, 2021

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SnykCon talk types

Security flourishes when we collaborate. Come share the lessons you’ve learned with the entire community — your successes, failures, discoveries, and epiphanies.

  • Main Stage (20-30 min)

    For a broad audience

    These sessions are featured talks that typically have a wider scope. They can offer a broad perspective on the future of the industry, share lessons learned, and provide inspiration for the developer and security audiences.

  • Lightning Talks (5 min)

    Bite-size sessions

    Structured to provide a quick interlude between longer format sessions, these talks will aim to highlight a quick case study, tangential topic of interest, or something completely different that makes us say, “Wow!”

  • Code & Build (30 min)

    Technical sessions, granular deep-dives

    For these sessions, we want to hear how you’ve solved tough development challenges, integrated/rolled out security, and handled problems that had a big impact. We encourage deep-dive technical sessions about the work you did.

  • Govern & Empower (30 min)

    Case studies, thought leadership on collaborative security

    We work together to make security better. Tell us how your team integrated security in the development workflow, how you build a security awareness program, or how you navigated the internal change management needed.

  • Workshops (60/90 min)

    Hands-on and in-depth for understanding and analysis

    Do you want to run a session that allows attendees to jump in and do the work? Or have attendees participate in a live hack? Run a workshop and share your in-depth understanding and analysis with an audience that’s eager to learn.

  • Demos

    Closed to the CFP process

    This track will be a mix of Snyk and our tech alliance partner solutions showing off their best features. It’s a great education track for attendees who want to check out new tools, solutions and go deep on a variety of dev and security product integrations and solutions.

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Hear from industry experts

There are lots of stories to tell, and here are some most watched sessions from last year’s SnykCon:

  • Video Whoops! I Committed It Again: Configuring Git to Prevent Accidental Commits
  • Video Lighting the Flare: Container scanning at scale
  • Video How did the Department of Defense move to Kubernetes and Istio?
  • Video Disclosing security vulnerabilities: If You’re Good at Something – Never Do it for Free
  • Video Why can’t we simply add a button that does X?
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Sticking to a theme

Based on learnings from the Snyk community, these are some key topics that we see as top of mind.

  • Developer-first tools

    Enable developers to code securely within their CLI, IDEs, and repositories.

  • Secure from the start

    Shift security left to build faster, more efficiently.

  • Vulnerabilities in context

    Manage vulnerabilities while balancing features and security debt.

  • Misconfigurations are vulnerabilities

    Actionable tips for securing containers and cloud infrastructure.

  • Foster cross-team collaboration

    Best practices for keeping Engineering and Security on the same page.

  • Security controls that support DevSecOps

    Automate security testing within existing workflows, pipelines, and processes.

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Submit your talk today

The CFP submission deadline was July 16, 2021. Final selections and announcements to submitting parties will be made by August 20, 2021. If you have any questions, email and someone from the team will be in touch!