Snyk GitLab Integration

Snyk continuously monitors your application's dependencies and lets you quickly respond when new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

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Find and Fix

  • Scan all your Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java and Scala GitLab repos for known vulnerabilities
  • Automatically fix vulnerabilities with Fix Merge Requests
  • Scrutinise open source packages before using them
  • All powered by Snyk’s own vulnerability database
A screenshot of the Snyk website showing test reports alongside each project

Monitor and Alert

  • Continuously monitor your applications for known vulnerabilities
  • Real time alerts when new vulnerabilities affect your code
  • Email and Slack notifications for new vulnerabilities or when fixes become available
A screenshot of opening a merge request in Snyk

Prevent and Learn

  • Snyk rejects merge requests which introduce new vulnerabilities
  • Hand written advisories explain the vulnerability and include remediation guidance
  • Subscribe to Snyk’s vulnerability database to find out about new vulnerabilities first
A screenshot of a GitLab Merge Request that fixes a vulnerability