Our security promise

Continual investment
in our security program

We understand the importance in providing clear information about our security practices, tools, resources and responsibilities within Snyk, so that our customers can feel confident in choosing us as a trusted service provider and understand how and what we do in order to secure our platform.


Snyk is proud to be externally verified as compliant to the following standards and can provide supporting evidence and information about the controls we have in place in specific relation to these standards. We also have several resource documents and mappings for compliance support when formal certifications or attestations may not be required or applied.

ISO 27001

At Snyk we have implemented an integrated Information Security management system which includes both the controls set for ISO27001 and ISO27017. Both sets of controls undergo external review on an annual basis.

ISO 27017

Snyk has chosen to implement the additional controls of ISO27017, to support our focus on compliance developed for cloud service providers to make a safer cloud-based environment and reduce the risk of security problems.

SOC2 Type II

Laws and Regulations

We take privacy seriously

Snyk takes your privacy very seriously. As a UK company with operations in Israel, Canada the USA, Europe and Asia, Snyk is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is fully committed to compliance with GDPR as well as any other laws it is subject to.

Externally validated controls

While there is no formal certification of our compliance we can offer our customers, adherence to all relevant information security regulations and legislation is externally validated as part of our ISO and SOC2 program as well as by our team of dedicated internal auditors on a regular basis.

Transparent policies