Snyk provides a critical security layer for CommunityBridge, a new Linux Foundation platform

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Noa Korem
Noa Korem

March 13, 2019

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The thriving open source community is an amazing and inspiring phenomena which has become an essential element in today’s development ecosystem. However, managing open source projects is not a trivial task, with many open source developers lacking the resources they need to secure, maintain and advance their code. It’s our responsibility as vendors, contributors and industry organizations to support open source project development, so it is sustainable and reliable in the long term.

That’s why, today, we’re delighted to announce a new partnership with the Linux Foundation to support the launch of CommunityBridge — the Foundation’s new funding and innovation platform designed to empower open source developers, and the individuals and organizations who support them, to advance sustainability, security, and diversity in open source technology.

Fundamentally, CommunityBridge helps open source developers raise capital, enhance security and hasten the progress of open source projects. Snyk is integrated into CommunityBridge to automatically enable developers to secure their projects and to provide transparency into the security of projects. Via the platform, all projects are subject to Snyk’s dependency scanning which assigns a security measurement to each project. CommunityBridge, therefore, not only offers developers an effective way to find and fix vulnerabilities in their open source projects, but reassures potential supporters they are backing projects that are not subject to exploits.


Being a part of CommunityBridge demonstrates Snyk’s ongoing commitment to supporting and contributing to the open source community. Snyk’s core capabilities are available with no limitation for open source developers. In addition, Snyk continually invests in research to better understand the open source security landscape. This culminates in annual State of Open Source Security Report that includes recommendations as to what we can all do to improve security in open source developments. Finally, Snyk supported the launch of a dedicated community that gives developers the right education, and the correct tools to build security into their development practices.

Check out the CommunityBridge platform to learn more about how you can raise or contribute funds to open source projects or sign up to become a mentee/mentor.

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