Top takeaways from re:Invent 2022

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Sarah Wills

December 14, 2022

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Live conferences are finally back, and the 11th annual AWS re:Invent did not disappoint. After a virtual 2020 and an in-person reduced-sized edition in 2021, there were more than 52,000 (yes — 52,000!) smiling faces milling about this year's conference in Las Vegas.

As per usual, re:Invent was full of exciting product news and updates. Here are the major announcements that got our attention and some of the things Snyk was up to in Vegas. 

Exciting AWS security announcement

One of the product announcements that excited us most was a preview of the Amazon Security Lake – A Purpose-Built Customer-Owned Data Lake Service.

Amazon Security Lake handles data throughout its lifecycle. This new service will automatically centralize your organization's cloud security data and on-premises data sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in your AWS account. This is more than checking containers before deployment — this is monitoring their interactions with the OS while they are running.

Security Lake gives you a complete understanding of your security data across the organization and improves the protection of your applications, data, and workloads.

Security Lake runs on Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), which is an open standard. With the support of OCSF, you can combine and normalize security data from AWS and a range of other enterprise security data sources.

For security analysts and engineers, Amazon Security Lake allows you to aggregate, and manage large volumes of disparate log and event data. Now, you can enable faster threat detection, investigation, and incident response.

With Amazon Security Lake, you can effectively address potential issues quickly while continuing to use your analytics tools. Told you — it’s exciting!

Happenings at booth #212

Thousands of people found Snyk at booth #212 to learn about our developer security platform.

Booth #212 was full of action:

  • We ran live demos on how to customize Snyk to meet your AWS security needs from development to production.

  • We connected attendees with security experts to learn how to automate security controls across their entire SDLC.

  • We provided an awesome AR experience and had people hunting for vulnerabilities around our booth with Patch (our mascot) to win swag.


Other cool Snyk happenings at re:Invent

We didn’t confine ourselves to booth #212 the whole time we were there, though — we also did a lot of other cool stuff.

In fact, it all started with an airport takeover. On Monday, November 28, immediately after arriving in Vegas and deplaning, Snyk ads appeared all over McCarran airport. Walking through the atria to the train, and even as you neared TSA lines, Snyk was everywhere. Then…

  • We partied! On Tuesday, Nov. 29, after a long day at re:Invent, we invited people to join Snyk and Stawkhawk at LAVO for a networking reception where we served cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and music, and chatted with attendees about the power of using Snyk SCA and SAST capabilities alongside StackHawk’s DAST solution!

  • We educated with customer sessions. On Wednesday, Nov. 30, we offered a session called Developer-first security at Neiman Marcus. Attendees learned the four critical steps to transition to a developer-first security process and heard from Omar Peerzada, Cyber Security Architect at Neiman Marcus Group, on how his team used Snyk to develop a DevSecOps culture within their IT organization.

  • We also fed the people. On Thursday, Dec. 1, we hosted a a breakfast reception we called Breakfast in the Cloud at the YardBird with our friends at Sysdig, VMware, and HashiCorp.

Post re:Invent: Snyk and AWS

Snyk’s flourishing partnership with AWS is a beautiful thing. Together, we provide AWS users with security controls from code to cloud and back to your code, all integrated across the AWS environment and application stack. Snyk is AWS’ preferred AppSec solution partner because, with Snyk, you can leverage a seamless integration with AWS services to apply scalable security solutions across your development workflow.

  • Snyk has achieved AWS Partner Competencies for both DevOps and Security categories, as well as Service-Ready designations for Amazon Linux and AWS Lambda.

  • Snyk is the only security solution with an integration built natively into AWS CodePipeline, allowing users to scan workloads for vulnerabilities without leaving the AWS console.

  • Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database is also now the primary engine of vulnerability data powering AWS’ security assessment service, Amazon Inspector.

  • Snyk is also available to purchase in the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to use existing billing mechanisms with AWS to consolidate invoicing and accelerate time-to-value!

re:Invent is over, but you can still learn more about Snyk’s cloud security products and start securing your AWS environment today!

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