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Our tools help you use open source without compromising security. Open source is awesome for boosting our productivity. However, taking code written by others, often with little to no vetting of its security pedigree, can put your application at risk - a risk multiplied by the many dependencies a modern application uses.

At Snyk, we aim to help you understand and secure your dependencies, starting with tools that find, fix and monitor for known vulnerabilities in Node.js npm and Ruby packages.

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JFrog built the first universal Artifact Repository Manager and fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. JFrog has partnered with Snyk to offer integrated open source dependency scanning into their XRay product


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NodeSource offer N|Solid which is a fully compatible Node.js runtime that has been enhanced to address the needs of the enterprise.


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Twistlock’s technologies are built for containers — from hardening images in development to protecting containers in production — everything Twistlock does fits seamlessly in the container environment.


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Beyond security, dependencies also introduce quality risks, such as outdated, unused and deprecated dependencies. Use bitHound to easily manage your dependencies and code quality. Bithound has partnered with Snyk to offer integrated open source dependency scanning into their product. Read more


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RisingStack is an enterprise-grade Node.js consulting and development firm. Micro-services-based API and Full Stack JavaScript development with AngularJS and React.


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VersionEye notifies you about out-dated dependencies, security vulnerabilities and license violations in your Git repositories.