Snyk highlights AWS re:Invent 2023


December 14, 2023

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With over 50,000 in attendance, AWS re:Invent 2023 had generative AI taking center stage at keynotes, race cars, and robots wowing at the Expo.

Once again, Snyk showed up in a big way. Some of our highlights included being awarded the AWS ISV Partner of the Year in EMEA and UKI, achieving AWS Security Competency, and several new integrations with AWS services

Best of all, we got to meet all of you! Over the week, many prospective and existing customers stopped by the booth for a live demo to learn more about our support for IaC and containers. Here’s a recap of the highlights from re:Invent 2023 that most excited us.

Generative AI

This year, generative AI in cloud computing took center stage, and attendees gleaned insights on integrating generative AI safely into their SDLC. In his keynote, Adam Selipsky, AWS CEO, highlighted AWS's investment in large language models (LLMs), flexible infrastructure for AI training, and tools that facilitate faster application development with generative AI.

Additionally, AWS introduced Amazon Q, a generative AI-powered assistant that connects to your company's systems to have conversations, solve problems, generate content, gain insights, and take action. This ChatGPT competitor currently offers support for Java, but we expect AWS to announce additional language support in the coming months.

The growing trend among companies adopting generative AI tools for code-writing and app development reflects a notable shift in how businesses approach scaling and optimizing their processes today. As more organizations recognize these tools' efficiency gains and transformative capabilities, a significant shift in technology practices is underway.

Snyk helps you stay secure while using AI coding assistants

We already know from the 2023 Snyk AI Code Security report  that developers using AI-powered code have increased vulnerabilities, and developers using AI-powered coding assistants are more confident in the code they produce. These two factors mean that developers and AppSec need security solutions that are smarter, faster, and more intuitive

Snyk is an AI-powered security companion for AI coding assistants like Amazon Q. While these tools are powerful and helpful, it is essential to use them alongside an AI security tool to ensure the safety and security of your code. Additionally, Snyk believes in prioritizing developer education, which extends to AI because developers should comprehensively understand GenAI, including its workings, vulnerabilities, and risks, fostering a more informed and secure coding environment.

Learn more about securing your AWS workloads with Snyk in our Migrations Playbook, or check out our 2023 AWS Buyer’s Guide for an efficient approach to securing apps on AWS with DevSecOps.

ASPM (application security posture management)

There was also a noticeable increase in ASPM awareness compared to five months ago at Black Hat USA. The security-focused nature of Black Hat has led to substantial growth in the industry over the past five months, as evidenced by the heightened interest and awareness within the community at re:Invent.

Increased interest was also evident as security leaders at re:Invent were eager to engage with us and learn more about Snyk's acquisition of Enso, the pioneers of ASPM. Conversations primarily focused on the crucial application security principles, emphasizing the significance of discovering and prioritizing all software assets. This includes understanding which assets are being tested by security tools, easily configuring and deploying tools in identified gaps, and prioritizing assets based on business criticality — all made possible by Snyk through risk-based prioritization.

Building further on a risk-based approach to AppSec, we've recently launched Snyk AppRisk, our ASPM solution that's now available.

Runtime security: IaC and container

Another trend we noticed is that awareness and interest around IaC and container security are rising, signaling a need for more proactive measures in development. At Snyk, we believe that you can reduce reliance on runtime security tools by focusing on early developer education and awareness -— a notion that is gaining considerable traction within the industry.

In a nutshell: Snyk at re:Invent 2023

Snyk representatives engaged with thousands of customers and prospects this year to discuss their application security needs. We also:

Discover more here: Snyk & SentinelOne Built-Time Runtime Solution

Snyk's continuous partnership with AWS underscores our commitment to helping AWS users seamlessly implement security controls across the entire development lifecycle.

Snyk is now conveniently available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace.

re:Invent is over, but you can still learn more about Snyk’s suite of developer security solutions and start securing your AWS environment today!

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