Snyk vs Veracode

Why choose Snyk over Veracode for AppSec?

Veracode is a legacy security tool for auditing code after it’s been compiled and adds tickets to the security backlog for developers to investigate. Snyk modernizes AppSec by automating security in the tools and workflows developers use while also providing the essential visibility, governance, and reporting that security teams need.

Embed security into the dev toolkit

Your security team is outnumbered by developers. Snyk’s real-time vulnerability scanning and automated fix suggestions in the IDE and PR workflows ensure security from the start at speed and scale.

Secure code from the start in real time

Snyk shifts security directly into the IDE with real-time vulnerability scanning so developers can fix on the fly to reduce risk.

Fast, intuitive scans, no compile needed

Snyk scans code in-line as developers write and commit it, breaking free of the lengthy scan times and complex compile and upload requirements of Veracode.

Fix suggestions with full app context

Snyk provides auto fixes and fix guidance within developer workflows so developers can choose a fix that works in the context of their whole application and apply it with a click.

Snyk and Veracode Comparison




IDE integrations

12 IDEs + Build your own

Snyk meets developers in the IDE and PR workflows where they already work. Offering full SAST scanning capabilities.

4 IDEs

Veracode Greenlight is limited to 4 IDE’s and has limited support for small files and packages only.

Container coverage 


Snyk Container provides actionable remediation advice and one-click fix for both commodity and curated base image workflows, rather than just a list of vulnerabilities.


Veracode has limited container coverage, leaving customers blind to vulns/issues within their containers.

Real-time scanning


Snyk scans your code fast as it’s being written –  averaging speeds 2.4x faster than similar solutions and increasing developer utilization of scans.


Veracode requires you to fully compile your code before you can run security scans in the context of your whole application.

Advanced AI


DeepCode AI is a security-specific, hybrid AI and ML engine trained and updated by Snyk security researchers.


Veracode relies on a GPT-based AI model to suggest code fixes.

Why Snyk is the best Veracode alternative

Snyk empowers developers to fix security issues with real-time scanning based on the context of their full application and policies and rules set by security teams to achieve shift-left maturity.

Accelerate developer adoption with Snyk’s IDE plugins

Snyk adds security directly into IDEs with real-time vulnerability scanning and provides actionable fix advice in-line so developers can fix issues quickly and move on. 82.7% of Snyk customers surveyed reported improvements in their developer processes vs. before implementing Snyk.

Complete coverage across the modern application stack

Whereas Veracode has limited container coverage, Snyk secures your entire application stack including code, open source libraries, containers, and infrastructure as code.




Snyk の開発者セキュリティ プラットフォームに関するお客様の声をご覧ください。

世界中の開発者が、Snyk で安全な開発を行っています


「ランタイムの本番稼働前にコンテナをスキャンできて良かったと思っています。コンテナの脆弱性はあまり注意していなかったため、会社として目を見張るような経験になりました。脆弱性に対する意識が高まり、自動化が進みました。これはエンジニアリングチームが CI/CD を実践する際の品質改善の考え方に合致しています」

Charlotte Townsley

Director, Security Engineering, Natera

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Snyk (スニーク) は、デベロッパーセキュリティプラットフォームです。Snyk は、コードやオープンソースとその依存関係、コンテナや IaC (Infrastructure as a Code) における脆弱性を見つけるだけでなく、優先順位をつけて修正するためのツールです。世界最高峰の脆弱性データベースを基盤に、Snyk の脆弱性に関する専門家としての知見が提供されます。