Real-time threat protection with Snyk and SentinelOne


November 9, 2023

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Modern applications are made up of more than first-party code and third-party dependencies. Even a single application links back to a vast ecosystem of cloud environments, containers, third-party base images, and automated container orchestration.

Along with the ability to build applications faster, developers also need to secure code and associated dependencies, deployment configuration, and containers running in production. 

Specifically, keeping container images free of vulnerabilities is increasingly complex because developers lack visibility into the severity and associated risks of vulnerabilities. This means security teams frequently find themselves manually sifting through multiple dashboards to gain a comprehensive view of their application's security posture with little confidence in what to fix first.

That's why we're thrilled to announce Snyk’s integration with SentinelOne, a leader in autonomous cybersecurity, offering a unified view that bridges the gap between build-time vulnerabilities and runtime threats. The new integration combines real-time threat protection from SentinelOne with build-time context from Snyk to streamline incident response and help solve runtime issues at the source. This week, the Snyk team is on the road at OneCon as a gold sponsor of SentinelOne's first customer event. 

For professionals who are deeply involved in the development and security aspects of cloud applications, this integration brings the best of both worlds. Whether you’re prioritizing vulnerabilities, hunting threats, or simply pushing code, unified insights help streamline tasks without compromising on security. 

A holistic view for actionable application security

Reducing the time between identifying a threat and resolving it is critical. By combining Snyk vulnerability data with SentinelOne Singularity Cloud Workload Security runtime threat detection solution, businesses can make more informed decisions, fix critical issues first, and better manage risk.

Cloud security, application security, and development teams gain a unified and clear understanding of threats and vulnerabilities in running containers. This comprehensive view of both the development and operational aspects of security keeps developers focused on fixing what matters most first. And, for a path to remediation, security teams can quickly move from Singularity Console to Snyk to quickly analyze the vulnerabilities and take remedial actions.

Together, teams are able to build and remediate securely with Snyk while continuously monitoring for threats with SentinelOne. 

“Developers are under increasing pressure to build applications faster, but they must partner with their security teams to also secure them across both their build and runtime environments,” said Ely Kahn, Vice President of Product Management for Cloud Security and AI/ML, SentinelOne. “This integration of SentinelOne and Snyk provides consolidated visibility into vulnerabilities and threats from both the platforms, which customers can use to better understand container security risks and take informed actions to resolve them quickly.”

Better together use cases

  • Investigation / Incident Response. The integration combines the build-time visibility of vulnerabilities within container images from Snyk with runtime threats detected by SentinelOne CWPP, so that customers can better manage risk and fix critical issues.

  • Threat Hunting. Security practitioners can proactively hunt for threats within the SentinelOne Security DataLake, which includes details ingested from Snyk Container. For example, previously identified runtime threats may have been correlated to a specific image vulnerability — a threat hunter can search for that vulnerability to identify any further risk.


The Snyk integration with SentinelOne CWPP is available in SentinelOne’s Singularity Marketplace.

The foundation for high-velocity secure development practices

Future enhancements to the Snyk and SentinelOne integration will deepen the code-to-cloud context within the Snyk platform, further simplifying prioritization for developers and application security teams with SentinelOne risk factors. These enhancements aim to streamline vulnerability remediation for both developers and security professionals. With all your software protected by security controls, Snyk or otherwise, developers will be able to more easily prevent risk. By ingesting SentinelOne and other third-party data, the Snyk platform is even better positioned to support your entire application security program. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to see our integration in action and connect with SentinelOne and Snyk technical experts. SentinelOne and Snyk are hosting a virtual demo session on Thursday, November 16, at 10:00 a.m. PST / 1:00 p.m. EST.

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