Welcoming Sanjay Poonen to the Snyk Board of Directors

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October 20, 2021

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Over the past few months, the Snyk team has continued to achieve a number of remarkable milestones, including a record breaking SnykCon and the addition of many new, talented Snykers worldwide.

Today, we achieve yet another noteworthy milestone with the appointment of Sanjay Poonen to the Snyk Board of Directors!

A widely respected global business leader, Sanjay most recently served as the Chief Operating Officer at VMware since 2013. I truly consider having someone of Sanjay’s caliber join our other accomplished Board members a testament to the mission and generational opportunity Snyk is driving: spearheading the global movement to developer-led security in order to better protect our increasingly interconnected, digital world.

Sanjay and his team were instrumental in growing VMware from $6B to $12B as he oversaw all business functions — sales, services, support, marketing, and alliances — architecting all the VMware multi-cloud deals with the public-cloud players, like AWS, Azure and Google. And, perhaps most relevant to our collective Snyk family of employees, customers and partners, he led VMware’s security products and strategy, including the successful acquisition of Carbon Black in 2019.  Prior to VMware, Sanjay served as President at SAP from 2006-2013, running Analytics, Big Data and Industry Solutions, helping the company grow from $10B to $20B during this period. Prior to SAP, he held executive roles at Symantec and Informatica. Sanjay began his career as a software engineer at Microsoft and Apple.

As I’ve consistently said, with the global developer population set to reach 40+ million by 2025, it’s never been more crucial to empower every single one of the world’s developers to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and work fast, while also _staying secure_while doing so. In my SnykCon 2021 keynote earlier this month, I introduced this concept as secure innovation.

The addition of Sanjay furthers our commitment to bringing together the most diverse, talented, hardworking, and FUN team in the industry to together make embedded security simple so that global organizations can continue to push technological boundaries and bring new, unique applications to market in a secure way.

Along with Tamar, Michael, and our entire Board, I look forward to working closely with Sanjay as we set the path forward for our next crucial phase of growth. His unique understanding of what it means for a business to be truly digital today will be an invaluable asset as we ensure that security becomes an essential, native component of software development moving forward. With Snyk, more enterprises worldwide can confidently reap the financial and cultural rewards of digital transformation.

“What Snyk has accomplished in six short years is nothing short of extraordinary, especially among grass-root developers,” notes Sanjay. “With the new threat landscape shifting left to source code, it’s become increasingly clear that a new approach for securing applications has emerged, and is here to stay: developer security. Snyk is leading this category, and I’m looking forward to partnering closely with Peter, Guy, and all of my fellow Board members as together we make secure innovation a reality for all global organizations.”

Please join me in officially welcoming Sanjay to the Snyk family — we’re thrilled to now have him on this journey with us!

If you’re interested in joining the Snyk rocket ship, visit our Jobs at Snyk page to apply today.

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