Snyk increases investment in partners with new Snyk Technology Alliance Partner Program 

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Sarah Conway

April 27, 2022

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We’re excited to launch the Snyk Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) to enable application and developer-focused software companies to build, integrate, and go to market as quickly as possible with Snyk solutions. Leveraging the new Snyk TAPP initiative and the Snyk platform, our partners will be enabled to create new solutions that solve the most pressing security challenges we face in our new digital world.

Our partners have shared with us the need to make it easier to extend the Snyk platform and go to market with new Snyk solutions as their business evolves and demand for developer security increases.

Snyk TAPP meets this need in a number of ways and offers the following benefits:

  • Association with the leader in developer security

  • Accelerate adoption of Snyk solutions

  • Create new revenue streams

  • Expedite joint marketing messaging and campaigns

  • Snyk sales and technical training

With 13 inaugural Snyk TAPP members, our technology partners join an elite community that benefits directly from Snyk’s ongoing investment in technical, marketing, training, and business strategy support and resources.

Working closely with partners such as Atlassian, Docker, HashiCorp, StackHawk, and Sysdig, Snyk is excited to welcome new members like BluBracket, Enso Security, Panther, Torq, and several others.

Snyk’s roots: Developer security

Since our founding, Snyk's mission has been to empower businesses to develop fast and stay secure. This underlies all we do as the only developer security platform that enables businesses to build security into their continuous development process.

Across every industry, companies are adopting developer-driven processes and cloud technologies to increase market advantage and customer loyalty. These fast-paced DevOps methodologies require security that is equally as nimble and simple to integrate early in and across the development process.

This requires ongoing investment in the Snyk developer security platform. Snyk TAPP members will gain exclusive, early access to new APIs and integration endpoints introduced by the Snyk engineering team. This ensures adding Snyk into your tools, workflows and processes is as easy and secure as possible as your own business and technology expands.

One-stop access to all the Snyk resources & training our partners need

To help TAPP members extend the Snyk platform and promote their new Snyk solutions, our new Snyk Partner Connect portal is the go-to resource for accessing technical training, sales enablement, and proven go-to-market programs.

On-demand and live hands-on Snyk sales and technical training enable our partners to build and promote new Snyk solutions to grow market share.

As new Snyk solutions and apps are built, partners will have self-serve access to branded go-to-market collateral and templates on the portal to engage with joint customers. Learn more about the ongoing Snyk Apps beta.

Meet our founding members

We’d like to recognize our partners who have been with Snyk from the start: Atlassian, CircleCI, Docker, Dynatrace, HashiCorp, StackHawk, and Sysdig. Our long history working together, equally contributing significant time and financial resources, provides a strong foundation for all new partners to build on and benefit from. We’ve already built Snyk solutions with Atlassian, Docker, HashiCorp and most recently StackHawk, with a new integration that delivers a significantly more efficient way to find, correlate, and fix application and API security vulnerabilities.

Snyk welcomes the following technology leaders to our multi-tier program:

  • Premier: Atlassian, Sysdig

  • Advanced:  Docker, HashiCorp, StackHawk

  • Select: ArmorCode, BluBracket, CircleCI, Dynatrace, Enso, Nightfall, Panther, Torq

 “Snyk TAPP is designed to accelerate the growth of an ecosystem of technology partners aligned with our mission and commitment to developer security,” said Sabina Joseph, Global Vice President, Cloud, ISVs, GSIs and Channel, at Snyk. “Snyk TAPP helps ensure that our mutual customers can seamlessly integrate Snyk security into their existing workflows, tools, and processes. Snyk TAPP members join an elite community that benefits directly from Snyk marketing resources and business strategy and technical support.”

To learn more about becoming a Snyk TAPP member, including partner requirements and program benefits by level for training, enablement support, and marketing programs, go to the TAPP Questionnaire. To find a Snyk Technology Alliance Partner, browse our partner directory.

Premier partners

"Snyk is a key security partner for Atlassian, and we continue to work closely with their team to deliver new, more robust integrations between our products. With Snyk inventing a novel, collaborative security approach, Atlassian customers are able to achieve rapid scale and alignment with iterative DevOps methodologies."


Jeff Richards

Product Partnerships and Alliances, Atlassian

"In the fast-paced world of containers and cloud, developer, DevOps, and security teams must align to avoid development delays while managing security risk. By integrating Sysdig's runtime context, Snyk users can quickly prioritize fixes based on risk, saving precious developer time. The Sysdig Secure runtime threat detection complements Snyk Container vulnerability management to deliver security from source to run."


Phil Williams

VP Global Corp. Dev., Alliances & GSI, Sysdig

Advanced partners

"Access to software development pipelines continues to create opportunities for attacks and costly risk. Snyk is uniquely designed to meet developers' container security needs, and like Docker, recognizes how crucial developers are to securing the supply chain. Our long-standing partnership integrates Snyk vulnerability insights natively within Docker tooling so developers can build securely from the start. With Snyk enabling businesses to proactively prevent risk, developers are able to use Docker in a highly secure and scalable way."


Justin Cormack

CTO, Docker

"We value our partnership with Snyk and look forward to our continued efforts to provide customers with further control over their infrastructure as code security automation."


Asvin Ramesh

Sr. Director, Technology Alliances, HashiCorp

"We are thrilled to be working with Snyk to bring continuous security testing to software delivery. By integrating our tools and partnering together, engineering teams will get unprecedented insight into security bugs in their applications and APIs, with correlation across two different testing methods. As the leading modern DAST platform, partnering with Snyk further enables engineering teams to ship secure software without sacrificing efficiency."


Joni Klippert

Co-Founder and CEO, Stackhawk

Select partners

"Snyk is clearly the trailblazer and leader in developer-first security. By integrating with their Snyk Open Source solution, we will give our customers — most of whom already use Snyk — an efficient and comprehensive solution for code security. We are proud to be a founding member of their Technical Alliance Partner Program."

Prakash Linga

CEO, BluBracket

"CircleCI and Snyk’s partnership solves a critical challenge for organizations looking to accelerate software development without sacrificing the security of their application delivery. Snyk’s modern approach to application security, combined with CircleCI’s robust CI/CD platform, delivers a best-of-breed partnership enabling organizations to deliver fast, stay secure and optimize their delivery pipelines and processes."

Tom Trahan

VP Business Development, CircleCI

"As the demand for digital transformation continues to intensify, so does the need for solutions that deliver automated and intelligent application security. Dynatrace Application Security automatically and continuously detects vulnerabilities in applications, libraries, and code at runtime, so teams no longer waste time chasing false positives and can instead focus on driving innovation faster and with reduced risk. Our partnership with Snyk enables us to further simplify remediation for DevSecOps teams and helps us ensure our customers’ business-critical applications are always protected."


Eric Horsman

Sr. Director of Technical Alliances, Dynatrace

"When we take the security coverage provided by Snyk and use Enso to add business context to those vulnerabilities, the result is  a comprehensive AppSec management process. We are proud to be founding members of Snyk’s TAPP program. Time and time again we have seen the superiority of Snyk’s ability to find and fix vulnerabilities."

Enso Security

Roy Erlich

CEO and Co-founder, Enso Security

"Snyk’s philosophy of continuous security throughout the development lifecycle complements Nightfall’s philosophy and vision for software security. We believe that developers should be able to project sensitive data at every stage of the software development lifecycle without having to compromise agility. To that end, Snyk and the Nightfall Developer Platform enable teams to do so with ease."


Rohan Sathe

CTO and Co-Founder, Nightfall

"Panther is excited to join the Snyk TAPP and further collaborate to develop solutions that help DevOps and security teams ensure that security best practices are adopted throughout the software development lifecycle."

Panther Labs

Joren McReynolds

Director of Engineering, Panther Labs

The shift left platform: Building Snyk solutions

Snyk’s developer security platform provides our technology partners with the framework they need to build and operate modern applications securely. Snyk enables users to shift security left and to embrace a DevSecOps model.  Terrance Tirella, Snyk’s director of product extensibility, recently wrote a blog post about our journey to create an API-first platform.

Ongoing platform investments, such as Snyk API v3 and custom Webhooks, prove we are committed to ensuring our partners can easily extend and integrate with Snyk. Look for the release of more high-quality APIs in the near future. As the bedrock for Snyk solutions, we’ll continue to evolve the Snyk platform and welcome more TAPP members to bring developer security to organizations worldwide as quickly as possible.

Join us on our journey to reimagine how developers build securely. In the coming months, we will further grow our TAPP network, evolve Snyk Apps, and most importantly, help customers embrace DevSecOps practices as part of their digital transformation efforts.

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