Trend Micro and Snyk partner to deliver complete remediation to secure containers

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October 8, 2019

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We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Trend Micro to help businesses quickly deliver secure applications. Trend Micro is well known as a global market leader in hybrid cloud security. Additionally Trend Micro offers network, IoT, and endpoint protection security. We’re honored to pair our unique approach which enables developers to own security throughout the software development life cycle with such an established cloud security company.

The partnership between Snyk and Trend Micro aims to solve the unrelenting challenge of managing risk in direct and indirect open source dependencies. Teams operating in a DevOps environment want a way to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities without interrupting deployment of their build.

For developers using containers and Kubernetes this means finding a way to automate and embed security across their entire CI/CD and runtime environment for complete visibility, vulnerability protection, and remediation.

Together, we are able to help organizations improve their ability to find vulnerabilities earlier in the development process and provide options for how to mitigate and prevent risk in software development.  Snyk brings their enterprise customers an easy and scalable way to fix open source vulnerabilities. See today’s news from Trend Micro for more insights on the partnership.

Trend Micro recognizes that protecting workloads in the cloud needs to be an integral part of the DevOps cycle. The rise of continuous delivery and open source have been great for fast, efficient development. Yet Snyk research found that vulnerabilities in open source libraries are growing rapidly, nearly doubling in two years.

More about the Trend Micro & Snyk integration

Together we will deliver streamlined remediation  with Trend Micro shielding the applications in runtime with its Deep Security (runtime protection) product, and Snyk focused on fixing vulnerabilities at the source through developer-first workflows and integrations.

While most container products will find vulnerabilities, Trend Micro excels at putting a shield (IPS-Intrusion prevention, WAF-web application firewall) against vulnerabilities at runtime. Snyk excels at fixing those at the source through our developer workflows and engagement, including automated remediation aimed at the source.

Customers need to adopt both approaches to achieve complete remediation and DevOps workflows with built-in security.

What’s next? Trend Micro hosts Snyk at AWS re:Invent

We’re excited to come together at AWS re:Invent, Dec. 2-6 in Las Vegas where we’ll introduce the integration, so come find us if you’re there!

Stay secure and stay tuned for future updates on our partnership.

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