The State of Cloud Native Application Security survey—2021

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Matt Jarvis
Matt Jarvis

February 2, 2021

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Cloud native application security — or CNAS for short — is our passion here at Snyk.

CNAS focuses on the security of your code, open source dependencies, container and infrastructure as code. Snyk is expanding on our annual State of Open Source Security report, by adding a new report in which we take a holistic view of the overall application developers work with on a day to day basis.

As part of our research we turn to the community to share their perspectives through our State of Cloud Native Application Security survey. We’ve recently launched the 2021 survey and we want to hear from you! Coupled with data we gather and analyze from our platforms and those of our partners, we will once again release this free report to the community so we call all benefit from the learnings that we find in the data.

Oh, by the way, if you're one of the first 500 respondents, you can have a coffee on us! Drop us your details and we'll send you a gift card that you can exchange for a refreshing beverage of your choice!

This year we’re expanding our focus to get even greater detail in terms of cloud native technologies such as containers, orchestration tools, and infrastructure as code.

Plans for the 2021 report

In the 2021 report, we want to understand how mature the adoption of cloud native application security really is among your deployed applications. This is realistically a mix between the technologies and practices you adopt during your SDLC pipeline as well as what proportion of your deployments as a whole follow such practices.

With the shift of applications to a more cloud native-based technology stack and practices, different areas of your application will have greater and lesser security risks. We’d be interested in your take on which areas are now a greater or lesser concern for you due to your adoption of cloud native technologies, and whether or not they have affected your adoption as a result.

At Snyk, we’re always focused on fixing issues, knowing full well that finding issues isn’t enough by itself. With the trend of shifting security left, the increased visibility of security issues are more apparent, however, the speed of remediation is most important. We’re keen to understand how you fix, and also at what speed you’re able to remediate security issues in your cloud native applications.

To help us out, you can access the survey here.

This survey closed on the 5th of March, 2021.

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