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What is Developer Security?

Snyk’s developer security solutions enable modern applications to be built securely, empowering developers to own and build security for the whole application, from code & open source to containers & cloud infrastructure.

Why is developer security needed?

The traditional approach of putting the responsibility of securing applications on the security team is too slow and does not scale. A collaborative approach is needed that enables security to be built in continuously to align with the iterative DevOps model.Read more

Developers now assemble applications via a combination of proprietary and open source code, run code in containers, and deploy and configure via infrastructure as code technologies like Kubernetes and Terraform. A cloud native application security process needs to be able to secure each of these components in an integrated and efficient manner.

Traditional infrastructure has been replaced with code that defines application containers, services and infrastructure provisioning, shifting the line between AppSec and OpSec. This code must now be secured as a part of the application security process as it is fundamentally part of the application.Read more from Snyk’s founder

Our Users Love Snyk

Alex Harriss

Security Engineer, Skyscanner

Snyk is one of the most important security tools we use at Skyscanner. You’ll realise how important it is when you actually get it integrated


Chaim Mazal

CISO, ActiveCampaign

Snyk’s cloud native application security platform allows us to achieve developer productivity and large scale security.


Amol Deshpande

Product Security Engineer, Salesforce

I’m an advocate for automation and shifting left and I think Snyk is one of the most important tools to scale the security effort across an organization.