SnykCon 2021 Partner Day recap: New partners, service offerings, and Snyk Apps

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Sarah Conway

October 8, 2021

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More than 600 Snyk partners joined us earlier this week for our second annual SnykCon Partner Day.  In this blog post, we’ll outline the tremendous success Snyk is experiencing by working closely with our 100+ channel, technology alliance, cloud/marketplace, and system integrator partners. Collaboration with our partners is accelerating new market services and solutions offerings, extending our platform’s functionality and interoperability, and enabling a level of scale and ecosystem expansion Snyk could not create on our own. 

That’s why Snyk is increasing our investment, training, enablement,  consumption pathways, and services offerings for our channel partners and system integrator partners. In parallel, our technology alliance and cloud partners are benefiting from new opportunities to build, deploy, share, market, and differentiate their solutions that integrate with the Snyk developer security platform.

Let’s look closer at why and how the Snyk partner program is expanding and what’s ahead for our partners who are equally committed to empowering developers to embrace security.

The developer security opportunity

This recent blog post from Snyk CEO Peter McKay outlines why a new developer-centric approach is needed to secure our digital world.  You can read more about the shortfalls with dated security solutions, and why integrating into a developer’s existing workflow with automated security testing throughout the entire development lifecycle is essential.

This is why Snyk’s platform, which enables modern applications to be built securely, continues to attract new partners and service revenue opportunities. Through our channel partners and presence on the major cloud marketplaces we’ve had hundreds of wins in the past six months.

We will be building out new Snyk service offerings for our channel partners. We know that for large enterprises with complex technology stacks, tooling alone is not enough to guarantee success. So watch for the introduction of Snyk Premium Success Services next year.

We will be rolling out a new partner portal in Q1 2022 to provide our channel partners with an enhanced online experience as well as enabling our growing technology partner ecosystem to access Snyk assets and enablement resources.

During SnykCon 2021, Snyk also announced several new technology alliances. Spanning the full software application development lifecycle, Snyk is working with partners like HashiCorp to create new integrations, as well as service and revenue offerings in the coming months.

This partner growth requires a bigger Snyk team. Today we have 30+ Snyk employees working with our tech alliance, cloud, channel, and SI partners on engineering, business development, co-selling, sales enablement, and marketing.

We have grown channel marketing support to be managed locally in region. Local resources means more hands-on, on-the-ground support for partners across Europe and the Asia Pacific region with increased co-marketing efforts.

North America has seen the biggest increase in joint marketing events and campaigns across our strategic platinum level channel partners, with plans to offer more support to partners at all levels in 2022.

We also recently hired three new partner solutions architects and Marc Tan, our new Channel and Alliances Director in APJ. Check out more opportunities to work at Snyk on our Partners team.

Meet developers where they are

Developer tooling, processes, and methodologies are dynamic. Developer security must be as well. We continually enhance the Snyk platform and find new ways to align with companies fueling the largest and fastest-growing developer ecosystems. Partners like Docker have 8.1M registered users and millions of developer teams use Bitbucket Cloud around the world.

On the product front, we are committed to creating a fully extensible security experience that is easier than ever for you to extend and integrate your solutions.

We announced the beta of Snyk Apps — new extensibility points that enable our partners to expand the Snyk platform to more easily integrate into their tooling and workflows. With this new capability, our partners can build apps to integrate Snyk into their tools and workflows in a simple, secure way. 

New Snyk Apps from our partners

In identifying ways to extend our platform, we worked closely with several partners to develop the first Snyk Apps.

For the 120,000+ Terraform Cloud users, a new Snyk integration to HashiCorp Terraform Cloud, now in invite-only beta, helps solve major configuration security challenges that arise when delivering infrastructure as code.

Recently we also announced a new Snyk integration inside the AWS CodePipeline console. This new integration allows AWS CodePipeline users to build automated security controls into their deployment pipeline without having to leave the Amazon Web Services (AWS) console.

Our team collaborated with Atlassian to integrate Snyk into Bitbucket tooling,giving Bitbucket Cloud users rich security insights without having to leave the product.

This Snyk Apps blog tells you more about the building blocks for Snyk Apps and how they turn integrations into first-class citizens of the Snyk platform. You’ll also learn how to start building your first Snyk App and discover our API documentation.

As more partners build first-party integrations, Snyk will also create new ways to find, consume, and share Snyk Apps via a global Snyk Marketplace, which will be launched next year. 

Thank you for attending SnykCon!

Thank you to the many Snyk partners that sponsored SnykCon, including: Atlassian (our Platinum sponsor), CircleCI, Cloudsmith, Docker, HashiCorp, Rapid7, Stackhawk, and Trend Micro. If you’re interested in partnering with Snyk on our journey to help companies develop fast and securely, reach out to us at Working together, Snyk and our partners can reach more companies to secure our digital world.

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