2022 Collaboration Partner of the Year: Snyk

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Sarah Conway

October 5, 2022

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This week, at HashiConf 2022, Snyk was recognized by HashiCorp as the winner of the 2022 Collaboration Technology Partner of the Year award. Carey Stanton, Snyk’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, was in Los Angeles and accepted the award on stage at HashiConf.

Snyk is honored to be named HashiCorp’s 2022 Technology Partner of the Year for Collaboration. This award highlights the technology partner who has most proactively engaged with HashiCorp for joint engineering and joint marketing opportunities.

“We are pleased to award Snyk with the HashiCorp Technology Partner of the Year award for Collaboration Partner," said Asvin Ramesh, Senior Director of Alliances at HashiCorp. "Our technology partners are critical for delivering full stack solutions to our customers. This award recognizes the outstanding contributions and collaborative efforts that Snyk has exhibited over the past year.”

Our partnership with HashiCorp

We’re excited to see our efforts recognized. It’s been nearly a year since we announced our integration with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud to help developers find and fix security misconfigurations in their cloud infrastructure. Since then, we’ve prioritized extensive collaboration with HashiCorp to spread the word — including joint conference engagements,, hosting Cocktail in the Cloud events, webinars, blog posts, AWS collaboration, and regional events.

The partnership continues to grow, as we recently announced compatibility with HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise. This brings Snyk IaC (infrastructure as code) security to the self-hosted version of Terraform to provide instant configuration guidance, while writing code.

Our partnership helps organizations combat misconfigurations that can often impede the development of cloud native applications and multi-cloud environments. By integrating Snyk IaC, developers have the information they need to solve major configuration challenges directly in code, during development. This allows them to treat Terraform like any other form of code, testing and monitoring infrastructure both pre- and post-deployment.

"We're proud to be HashiCorp’s Collaboration Partner of the Year,” said Stanton.  “Together, we’ve made it easier for our joint customers to provision cloud infrastructure securely. Since misconfigurations are one of the primary entry points for attackers, we look forward to expanding our partnership and bringing Snyk’s developer-first security to more HashiCorp users.”


Visit Snyk at HashiConf

Be sure to stop by our booth at HashiConf this week. The Snyk team will be on site giving demos of our integration, and can be found in the Gold Ballroom! To learn more about our goals and future plans with HashiCorp, visit the Snyk and HashiCorp partner page.

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