Snyk IaC for Terraform Enterprise: Expanding Snyk compatibility with HashiCorp Terraform

Written by:
Sarah Conway

September 28, 2022

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Even the most precise and regimented DevOps teams can be plagued by numerous post-deployment security issues, causing potentially damaging production delays and engineering rework.  Building on Snyk’s successful acceleration of DevSecOps, Snyk IaC empowers developers to treat Terraform like any other form of code and proactively test IaC early as well as continuously monitor infrastructure post-deployment.

We built the Snyk IaC integration with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud to enable developers to automate security checks and ensure public cloud environments are secure and compliant pre-deployment — directly in their Terraform Cloud pipelines.

Today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with HashiCorp. Snyk IaC now integrates with Terraform Enterprise, a self-hosted private distribution of Terraform. With validation from HashiCorp, Snyk continues to deliver contextual security and compliance configuration guidance instantly while writing code in Terraform.

Improving cloud security and deployment speed

New research from the Snyk State of Cloud Security report, shows that when infrastructure as code (IaC) security is implemented pre-deployment — during development and CI/CD — cloud security greatly improves.

DevOps and security practitioners implementing IaC security in their pipelines reported a median 70% reduction in cloud misconfigurations. Additionally a quarter of respondents claimed that implementing a developer-first security tool improved productivity by 80% for engineers responsible for cloud security tasks such as vulnerability remediations. And lastly, the group reported a 70% median increase in deployment speed due to IaC security checks, which largely results in automated approvals and less rework required.

Automating compliance and providing developer-ready remediations

Snyk IaC trims a tedious task within developer workflows by identifying and fixing misconfigurations early across Terraform workflows. Plus, organizations can more effectively govern compliance with the automated policy enforcements that Snyk builds into every Terraform run task. You can’t fix what you aren’t aware of, and Snyk IaC for Terraform Enterprise gives developers the information they need to solve major configuration challenges directly in code, during development.

Expanding the Snyk integration to Terraform Enterprise helps organizations combat the misconfigurations that can regularly impede the development of cloud native applications and multi-cloud environments. Developers can ease their frustrations by leveraging high-level Snyk IaC configuration fixes and security advice during their Terraform plan stage.

Snyk IaC for Terraform Enterprise helps DevOps, SRE, and infrastructure engineering teams reduce risk by automating the security and compliance of infrastructure as code during pre-deployment development workflows, It does this by scanning the Terraform plan JSON outputs against more than 400 quality security rules and policies for AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes. In addition to streamlining security checks and fixes before the apply stage, Snyk IaC for Terraform Enterprise detects drifted and missing resources post-deployment — so teams can avoid security issues from drifted configurations and undefined, unsecured IaC resources.

Secure your infrastructure in Terraform Enterprise with Snyk

To get started, simply download Snyk for free and apply these proven provisioning standards during your Terraform run tasks to prevent security breaches, delays, developer frustration, and non-compliance. Snyk IaC for Terraform Cloud run tasks integration and is available for the Terraform Cloud Team and Governance tier.

To learn how to integrate Snyk IaC with this new integration for Terraform Enterprise, refer to our documentation.

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