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April 9, 2024

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Developer teams worldwide are increasingly leveraging AI to accelerate the speed of software development. However, AI-generated code can bypass protocols from the security team, so developers may not be evaluating the code as often as they should. Snyk works alongside today’s modern development teams with the goal of harnessing the many benefits of AI-assisted coding, while also providing full trust that the code is secure.

Fortunately, there is a way forward. A security companion can find and fix flaws in AI-generated code. However, this security companion must fulfill specific criteria, or else it will slow down the developers and negate the value of using AI in the first place. It must be trustworthy and impartial, fast enough to keep up with developer workflows, well-integrated into the development pipeline, and fully connected with the entire application to gain accuracy and context. 

But in many cases, organizations aiming to standardize and secure AI usage face a lengthy vetting and onboarding process for both a coding tool and a code security tool. And using the same tool to build and secure AI-generated code can lead to biases and unintentionally lead to more errors.

To answer these challenges, we are excited to announce Snyk’s partnership with Google Gemini, an advanced large language model that can generate high-quality code in the world’s most popular languages. This new partnership solves many of the concerns with AI security that today’s development and security teams face. Together, Snyk and Gemini deliver a solution that empowers developers to adopt AI assistance at scale without compromising security. 

Gemini + Snyk: Security and velocity

Snyk is the only security companion for developers that keeps pace with AI coding assistants. We provide automated fixes and in-line security feedback with unparalleled speed and accuracy — whether the code originated from human coders or AI assistants. We allow developers to keep moving within their workflows without slowing the pace of development.

This new partnership allows developers to build secure applications while harnessing Gemini's creativity and productivity. Snyk delivers a security companion right within the Google Cloud Code IDE, giving security teams guardrails early on so they can confidently sign off on adopting AI coding assistants and providing developers with trusted and impartial security visibility and fixes

Let’s dive into a few ways that Gemini and Snyk support development teams as they use AI coding assistance to build with velocity and security. 

Security at the speed of AI development

Snyk follows a “shift left” mentality, running source code analysis in seconds. It also minimizes context shifts by scanning code from within the IDE. By running so early in the pipeline and within native workflows, Snyk empowers developers to shift safely into the new left space of Gemini’s powerful AI without slowing them down. 

Full-visibility security in the IDE 

AI generates code in small snippets, meaning that teams must take extra care to ensure that these lines of code are secure in relation to the entire application. Within seconds, Snyk thoroughly scans with full application context to find and fix vulnerabilities over multiple code blocks, functions, and files. 

Expert security for AI's blindspots

Snyk also leverages DeepCode AI, the AI-enhanced, human-in-the-loop technology that powers our SAST tool. We take a hybrid approach to our own AI tool’s approach by leveraging human expertise to train and fine-tune our solution on the latest coding trends, patterns, and vulnerabilities. 

Reputable AI build-and-secure quickstart kit

By bundling together Snyk and Google Gemini, we meet two pressing needs for today’s teams: faster development to stay competitive and robust security that can scale at the speed of AI. 

Businesses can reap these rewards without the time and cost of finding and onboarding two different solutions. 

In addition, our partnership brings best-of-breed expertise in security and AI-driven velocity. Your team will get the best of both Gemini and Snyk’s offerings, undiluted and unbiased by each other.

Want to learn more about Gemini and Snyk’s winning teamwork? Find out more about our partnership with Google Gemini in this post and our Google partner page.

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