Cloud Security Podcast awarded SANS Podcast of the Year

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Jeff Yoshimura
Jeff Yoshimura

December 19, 2022

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Cloud Security Podcast was started in 2019 by Ashish and Shilpi so they could help make cloud security knowledge accessible to all, as well as to create a space for current and future cloud security advocates to learn from community experts and each other.

Ashish was working as CISO and had over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, the last seven years being cloud security leadership roles, while Shilpi was managing business risk in highly regulated industries and had over 12 years of business leadership experience. While working their full-time jobs, they started and grew Cloud Security Podcast as a place that brings the best and brightest in the world of cloud security into the spotlight as they share their knowledge, expertise, experiences, and stories so that we can all learn together.

In July of 2022, something rather exciting happened — a special partnership was formed as Cloud Security Podcast began to be powered by Snyk. With this, Ashish and Shilpi were able to focus all their efforts into doing more of what they do best — bringing more cloud security knowledge, content, and education to the world.

Together, Cloud Security Podcast and Snyk are equipping cloud security advocates across the globe with the right tools and knowledge to fight all the cloud security villainsout there! And there is a lot more coming so you have to watch this space. Meet all the Cloud Security Villains here!

Building a community of cloud security advocates at Snyk’s re:Invent 2022 booth.

The journey so far

Since first hitting the airwaves on November 29, 2019, Cloud Security Podcast has published over 165 episodes, featuring discussions with CISOs, cloud security experts, architects, engineers, and practitioners from across the globe covering tips, practices, and lessons learned for staying secure in the cloud while still innovating fast.

In 2022 alone, there have been over 180,000 downloads of Cloud Security Podcast on various audio platforms. like Spotify, iTunes, and more. In addition, over 275,000 video views of Cloud Security Podcast episodes on platforms like YouTube and Linkedin.

Cloud Security Podcast launched Cloud Security Originals in 2022, so you can familiarize yourself with the 4 generations of CSPM, understand why our digital supply chain is broken and how we can fix it, how to become the next generation of cloud security auditor, and so much more.

Since its launch, Cloud Security Podcast has consistently ranked in the Top 100 Technology podcast since 2021in UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. This continued in 2022, as Cloud Security Podcast ranked #71 in USA and #63 in UK in technology podcasts. It even ranked Top 8 in Cybersecurity Podcast in 2022, being the only cloud security focused podcast in the top 10.

And we are excited to announce that Cloud Security Podcast has now been given the SANS Difference Makers Award for Podcast of the Year.

Episode recommendations to get you started

In 2022, Cloud Security Podcast covered many topics including AWS security, Kubernetes security, the modern security stack, supply chain, Azure security, and Google Cloud security. While all episodes on Cloud Security Podcast are equally great in Snyk's opinion, here are some of the most listened-to episodes of 2022 for you to start off with:

What's next for Cloud Security Podcast

Cloud Security Podcast already has a very exciting lineup of guests and topics. There will be more of your favorites around AWS and Kubernetes Security and many more new topics. There is more coming for the League of Cloud Security Advocates, helping you add to your toolkit to defeat the many Cloud Security Villains (many of whom are yet to be unveiled).

And if you want more Cloud Security knowledge, to keep up to date with things there are a few more exciting announcements brewing for you in 2023. Cloud Security advocates across the globe are uniting at Cloud Security Meetup Chapters, so join the next one in your town or if you like to start one, let us know

Until then thank you for listening to, watching, and supporting Cloud Security Podcast. We are only getting started!

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