The Cloud Security Podcast is now powered by Snyk!

Written by:
Shilpi Bhattacharjee

July 26, 2022

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In 2019, we started the Cloud Security Podcast with a simple goal — to make cloud security knowledge accessible to all and create a space where people can learn from cloud security experts and each other. It's a labor of love that grew from humble beginnings: a spare room, iPhone camera, and laptop. Each week, we speak to cloud security experts live across audio and video platforms, bringing the best and brightest in the world of cloud security into the spotlight.

After three years and 200+ insightful episodes with cloud security experts, advocates, and leaders from across the globe, the Cloud Security Podcast has grown to become the leading source for cloud security knowledge and a top 100 technology podcast in the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries. And today, we are excited to announce that the Cloud Security Podcast is now powered by Snyk, letting us focus all of our effort on doing more of what we do best and what you love most!

Looking back, looking forward

We built and grew the Cloud Security Podcast while working full-time jobs (we were not full-time podcasters). Ashish has over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, and spent the last seven years in cloud security leadership roles as a CISO. Shilpi has over 12 years of business leadership experience and was managing business risk in highly regulated industries.

We want to bring to you more of what you love and do more of what we love — being cloud security advocates and bringing valuable, unbiased cloud security expertise, knowledge, and information to you. Our goal of making cloud security knowledge accessible to all remains the same, and our new partnership with Snyk will help us in achieving this goal at a greater scale. With Snyk, we'll be able to:

Why we chose Snyk

Snyk has always supported community-first, vendor-neutral initiatives like DevSecCon and The Secure Developer podcast, and this partnership will allow us to grow and scale the Cloud Security Podcast with far more time and resources without compromising on our core mission. On top of that, Snyk’s dev-first cloud security vision align with our vision to improve the state of cloud security, globally.

Additionally, Snyk has an impressive community track record, having built the largest global community of DevSecOps practitioners — which will soon encompass cloud security practitioners as well. Overall, Snyk has great products, a great vision, and a great team of security experts we’re excited to work with going forward.

Last and certainly not least… both Simba (our dog and the Cloud Security Podcast mascot) and Patch (Snyk’s mascot and logo) approve this message!


Moving forward, we will be a part of the Snyk family and continue to run the Cloud Security Podcast as a vendor-neutral community asset powered by Snyk. We are excited for the opportunity to be able to continue scaling up the podcast and making cloud security knowledge more accessible, worldwide.

We’d finally like to say a huge “Thank you!” to all of the Cloud Security Podcast fans, without whom, we wouldn’t be here. We love you!


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