Celebrating four years of developer-first integrations at Atlassian Team ‘21

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Sarah Conway

April 26, 2021

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Snyk is proud to be a strategic sponsor of the Atlassian Team ‘21 conference, which kicks off this week, April 28–30, 2021. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate how Snyk and Atlassian solutions have joined to help developers code, build, and ship their applications faster and more securely than ever. As the conference kicks off today, we announced that Snyk is now integrated into the Bitbucket tooling, giving Bitbucket Cloud users rich security insights without having to leave the product. In addition, and as a further sign of our deeper collaboration, Atlassian has named Snyk its featured security partner for the company's Open DevOps Initiative.

Atlassian Team is the company’s big annual event and the premier conference for modern teamwork. Naturally, the event makes us a little nostalgic about our partnership. It was only four years ago that Snyk first integrated with Bitbucket Server, followed by integration into Bitbucket Cloud. Today you can tightly integrate Snyk with your Atlassian workflow from start to finish.

Atlassian shares our belief that testing while coding is critical to supporting the developer speed and reliability needed to achieve DevSecOps at scale. To celebrate our partnership, this blog post will explore the need for parity between development and security tools within the developer workflow and highlight how Atlassian and Snyk solutions work together.

Supporting developer-friendly security processes

In the past, IT security teams operated independently from engineering and were only involved in the final stage of development. But when DevOps methodologies introduced shorter development cycles, many teams saw an opportunity to shift security left, and eventually began to embrace a DevSecOps approach. Security became everyone’s responsibility, especially software engineers’.

Supporting DevSecOps means supporting collaboration and communication between agile teams. Collaboration between developers, security engineers, and IT operations staff enables companies to ingrain security directly into DevOps processes. This requires a top-down approach, where every decision in terms of people, processes, and tooling keeps security at the forefront. 

DevSecOps succeeds best when developers are free to choose the tools that fit best into their everyday workflows. Atlassian also understands there is no one size fits all approach to DevSecOps and is advocating a vision of open DevOps with partners like Snyk playing a key role.

By partnering together, teams select developer-friendly security solutions that integrate with an existing DevOps workflow for building, testing, and deploying software. By aligning with Atlassian, Snyk empowers developers to design software with security in mind, rather than as an afterthought. 

“When we’re thinking about building security into our products, we have to ask questions about how developers approach their work,” said Adrian Ludwig, Atlassian’s CISO, when speaking at SnykCon 2020. “How do we have tooling be part of the development process and not disruptive for developers? The less they can think about it and just have it happen naturally, the better off development security will be.”

By providing comprehensive security to support Atlassian’s different development solutions, Snyk enables developers to secure their open source dependencies automatically and from within their preferred development platforms. That means development teams are empowered to design software with security in mind, rather than viewing security as an afterthought.

Join us to learn more

Atlassian and Snyk have aligned our solutions to support developers’ needs without friction, but we’re not done yet. As a strategic sponsor alongside Slack and AWS, we hope you join us at Atlassian Team ‘21 to learn how we’re expanding our integration with Bitbucket Cloud. This new integration will radically transform and simplify how you experience and implement security to your Bitbucket Cloud  development experience.

Snyk at Atlassian Team ‘21:

  • "DevSecOps: How to integrate security into your workflow with Bitbucket Cloud and Snyk" an Atlassian demo

  • "How an open approach to DevOps gives you the flexibility to adapt to anything" Snyk’s advisor Patrick Debois joins a panel discussion with Atlassian, JFrog and GitLab

  • "Live Hacking and Native Vulnerability Management within Bitbucket Cloud Workflows" with Simon Maple, Field CTO at Snyk

While you're watching Team ‘21, you can also attend one of many sessions we’re a part of. You’ll see how Snyk’s solution works across the SDLC, going as far left as the IDE, where coding begins, and extending into monitoring applications in production. Additionally, you can see a live hacking session that demonstrates managing vulnerabilities natively within the Atlassian tool kit.

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