Snyk Partner Program

The need for open source and container security is growing fast. Let’s work together to meet market demand and empower the developer community to build more secure software, faster.

Our focus is on you

“Building a relationship based on trust is the key to successful partnerships. At Snyk, we take a collaborative approach, ensuring your success is part of our growth strategy.”

Peter McKay, Snyk CEO

Join us in our mission to make the software development life cycle more secure!

Open source and container adoption for software development is at an all-time high, but legacy security tools can’t keep up and preventing fast-growing organizations from scaling to meet their growth objectives.

The Snyk Partner Program helps you quickly capitalize on the demand to secure open source software and containers. As a partner, you get access to sales, marketing, and technical resources to launch your move into the market, drive new business, and sell add-on solutions and services.

This high-touch, personalized program will enable you to provide market-leading capabilities to your customers, and further establish you as a trusted source for modern security solutions.

Snyk Partner Program Benefits


The Partner Program plugs you into important sales and marketing resources to make your move into this market as successful as possible. This includes sales and technical trainings, joint marketing initiatives, and a first-class MDF program.


Our collaborative culture means we work together with resellers to help you grow your business, close deals faster, and deliver the best outcomes for your customers.


Snyk is already the most loved developer-first security solution in developer and DevSecOps communities. We’re helping over 300,000 developers today with over 800,000 downloads of our Snyk CLI. Don’t you want to be part of the action?

Why Partner with Snyk?

We have a solution you can be proud to sell.

  • Industry leading vulnerability database with new vulnerabilities published up to 92 days faster
  • Strong differentiators, such as automated remediation, make it easy to use and easy to sell
  • Already popular with developers and ready to enable DevOps and DevSecOps teams
  • Help your customers safely accelerate dev cycles and fix vulnerabilities in the half the time
  • A contributing member and partner to leading security and open source communities like the Node Security Working Group and OWASP

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