February 15, 2022

Open Source Projects Agreement

This Open Source Projects Agreement (“this Agreement”) is between you and Snyk. “You” means the legal entity on behalf of which you accept this Agreement, or if you are accepting the terms on behalf of yourself, you individually. If you are accepting on behalf of a legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to bind that entity to this Agreement, and you agree to this Agreement on behalf of that entity. “Snyk" means the applicable Snyk contracting entity as specified in the Snyk Terms of Service as available at https://snyk.io/policies/terms-of-service/ (“Terms of Service”).

Our acceptance of your request for an Open Source Projects subscription to Snyk will take place when we email you to accept it. At that point, a contract will come into existence between you and us on the terms of this Agreement including the Terms of Service. If we do not accept your request, we will inform you of this by email. 

Except as modified by this Agreement, the Terms of Service shall govern and apply to Snyk’s provision and your use of the platform and related services defined as “the Services” in the Terms of Service, also referred to as “the Services” in this Agreement.

You must only use the Services under this Agreement in your capacity as an Open Source Project. You must use the Services solely in respect of your Open Source Software. You must use the Services in accordance with the Snyk Open Source Project Requirements in effect from time to time as a set out at https://snyk.io/open-source-projects/. For these purposes, “Open Source Software” means software licensed pursuant to an applicable open source license as defined by the Open Source Initiative at https://opensource.org/licenses/category. An “Open Source Project” is a legal entity or individual which does not seek to make a profit from the commercialisation, licensing or provision of its software, or any services related to its software. The requirements of this paragraph are referred to in this Agreement as the “Program Requirements”.

Provided that your use of the Services is in accordance with the Program Requirements, Snyk shall provide you with additional subscription allocation in respect of the Services, at no charge, as referenced at https://snyk.io/plans/ as updated from time to time.

Snyk may terminate this Agreement at any time on 14 days notice to you. Without limitation, if at any time, Snyk determines in Snyk’s sole discretion, that you have not or no longer meet the Program Requirements,  Snyk shall provide notice to you of its determination and your entitlement to use the Services under this Agreement and your access to the additional subscription allocation for the Services provided under it will cease.

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