Snyk welcomes Reviewpad: Code, commit, celebrate!

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Marcelo Sousa
Marcelo Sousa

October 30, 2023

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Snyk was founded with the mission of building security products that developers actually want to use. It's how we began and it's that North Star that still drives us today. For security to work at the speed and scale of the modern security development lifecycle (SDLC), developers need tools that integrate seamlessly into the flows they use every day, providing intuitive, actionable feedback along the way. That's the only way to make the code review process a true collaboration and never an imposition.

Making AppSec developer-friendly is difficult, requiring context-specific code knowledge and deep security expertise delivered at developer speed in their environment. And with the current rise of AI-powered code generation tools, more code (both secure and insecure) is being created than ever before, meaning teams are struggling to match the speed of code review to the speed of commits. Pull requests are quickly becoming the #1 bottleneck in the SDLC, forcing development teams to either wait for approval or bypass reviews and risk merging insecure code. For companies attempting to maintain a competitive edge, they're often compelled to choose speed over security. Snyk helps to make this lose/lose decision a relic of the past.

With that in mind, we're excited to announce that Reviewpad is now joining Snyk to help developers code, commit, and stay secure without slowing down. 

Reviewpad's expertise — shaped by decades of work by its team members with tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Google, and SonarSource — will help us to further our mission of bringing developers and security practitioners together. With the help of Reviewpad's amazing founders and team, we plan to redefine PR checks and further elevate the overall developer experience on the Snyk platform. Developers will be able to move faster than ever, while knowing that their commits are being secured by Snyk's industry-leading security intelligence. Speed and security for the win/win!

And now, some additional thoughts from Reviewpad’s Co-Founder and CEO, Marcelo Sousa.

Reviewpad Joins Forces with Snyk: What's Next

With technological progress depending on the human ability to create and modify software systems, Reviewpad was founded to allow developers to safely contribute to any codebase as fast as possible.

Today, pull requests are used by millions of developers on a daily basis as a way to collaborate on code, but they’re often also one of the major bottlenecks in the SDLC. Couple this with the current rise of AI-powered code generation tools, and we’re also seeing fundamental changes in the way developers need to collaborate in the future. With these fundamental changes introduced by new AI tools, we’re convinced that securing pull requests will be an important guardrail that benefits the industry as a whole.

Developers deserve a better experience and that goal is what has driven our work at Reviewpad. At the core of this experience is security – developers should be able to go faster without increasing the risk of introducing changes that can hurt their products, users, and organizations.

Snyk’s values are aligned with our core values, and together we’ll bring more developer and security teams together so that more of the world’s millions of developers can benefit from DevSecOps collaboration. We have closely followed Snyk’s path and it has been an inspiration to see them successfully disrupt the AppSec market and improve the overall security of software products used by millions.

By joining Snyk, we’re now extending our mission to positively impact developers' lives. 

Thank you to our users, champions, customers, partners, and investors for their support in our journey. We are just getting started and excited for what’s next!

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