The State of Open Source Security 2018

The State of Open Source Security Survey

Simon Maple
| By Simon Maple

We’re excited to launch the second edition of our State of Open Source Security Survey! The goal of this survey is to provide a global view of our industry’s security health. Once we get all of your wonderful responses we’re going to turn them into a beautiful report that you can read, printout, give to friends and family, you can literally do whatever you like with it.

Take the Survey NOW!

We’re looking to answer questions such as:

  • How do open source maintainers rate their security knowledge out of 10?
  • Who should own the security responsibility of the your application/library/framework?
  • How do open source maintainers find out about vulnerabilities in their code?
  • How do you track which open source libraries you use?
  • What drives you to upgrade a library?
  • How quickly do you typically respond to a high or critical severity vulnerability?

The survey won’t take long to fill out and once you’ve done that, you can optionally provide your name and email and we’ll personally send you a beautiful PDF that will give you all the results in a smart report.

As well as filling out the survey, we’d love your help to get this report out to the millions of developers out there that want to now more about security. Feel free to retweet this tweet here if you don’t want to create your own!


Finally, the survey is embedded below, so you don’t even need to click on a link!