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January 4, 2019

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Last week, Business Insider posted their annual list of top promising enterprise startups that are poised for great success in 2019, and we are grateful to have been included. While the article focuses on valuation and investment, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about other aspects of Snyk in case you’re considering a career move in 2019. This could be the one New Year’s resolution that will stick!

In this post, we’ll focus on our values, our product, and our culture. Since its incubation, Snyk has made it its mission to make open source software secure and empower developers to embrace and own security. We are constantly optimizing our working environment to achieve a frictionless workflow for engineers, providing as much insight and automation as possible.

We don’t just say we do security - we live and breathe security, and we love it! In 2018 alone our security research team responsibly disclosed more than 1,000 uncovered vulnerabilities to open source library maintainers.

And, it’s no accident that every employee at Snyk is top-notch. Snyk started with a group of friends, who, together, had past experience in security. All three graduated from top cyber intelligence units in the Israeli army, and they have committed to giving back to the community by making open source software secure. 

Life at Snyk

We care deeply about the warm, inclusive environment we’ve cultivated here at Snyk. Diversity is of particular importance to us; our team has varied backgrounds and experience levels, and we believe that being a globally distributed company is a key strength of ours as well. Almost every team within the company is distributed across our main offices in London, Tel Aviv, and Boston; we also embrace remote work and have teammates in Ottawa, California, Amsterdam, and elsewhere!

We strive for positive mindset habits like celebrating success, learning from failures, and a blame-free attitude. Want a glimpse into our work culture?

  • Snykers take pride in doing meaningful work that ultimately helps protect users and organizations from security incidents and breaches. When our users use what we build to find and fix issues in their open source dependencies in order to stay secure, we feel a great sense of fulfillment.

  • Our engineering and product people work together as one team and are empowered to own their backlog, communicate and curate it by connecting with our users in a tight feedback loop - ultimately in order to incorporate that backlog as a crucial part of the product. Everyone at Snyk is encouraged and even expected to suggest new ideas and help shape our roadmap.

  • Open source is embraced here at Snyk - from the various tools and platforms for our engineering to Snyk’s own Essentials database is open source, and from the Snyk CLI itself to our runtime agent and other projects on GitHub.

  • Snyk is genuinely committed to the community, and to realizing the dream for secure open source software. We have been a part of the Node.js Foundation since its early startup days in late 2016 in order to promote awareness of information and application security, as well as to lead initiatives that help the ecosystem. Actively participating in the Node.js Security working group is an example of the latter. In addition, Snyk is behind the Secure Developer podcast where we share tools and practices with community members based on interviews with relevant folks in the field, and we invest in security research to find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities in open source projects.

  • Transparency and communication are key. We make time to deliberately recognize each other for hard work and don’t take our teammates for granted. We embrace each other’s ideas and input - honest and timely feedback is a fantastic way for us to learn, grow and succeed together.

  • We aim to build tools that developers find to be friendly and we’re most happy when we hear how significantly our tools have helped them with their job. It’s no secret that we enjoy learning from our users about any gaps that we have and we do take that feedback to improve the user experience.

  • We take security very seriously. There’s a donut-penalty if you leave your laptop unlocked, which is both delicious and good opsec.


How We’re Doing

There’s strong growth across all aspects of our business, from user adoption through to company size. In the last year alone we’ve tripled in size - this much more people means much more talent and fun every day.

Here are some numbers to give you a sense of what’s happening at Snyk:

  • 200,000+ developers use Snyk

  • 200,000+ repositories are constantly protected by us

  • 500,000+ downloads of the Snyk CLI are performed every month

  • 10,000+ pull requests are opened every month to secure project dependencies

  • 500,000+ security patches are applied each month

In 2018, we raised two rounds of investments totaling nearly $30M, and experienced an incredible 7x revenue growth. Our little Snyk family is not so little anymore! We started last year with 23 employees and finished it with almost 80 amazing people.

Want to be a Snyker too? Head on over to our jobs page.


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Snyk is a developer security platform. Integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines, Snyk makes it easy for teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit.

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