Snyk Week of Impact 2023: A week of meaningful contributions and community engagement

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November 8, 2023

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Last week marked an extraordinary time at Snyk — a company that's as passionate about securing code as it is about securing better futures for our communities. The Snyk Week of Impact, from October 22-27, was not just another event. It was a manifestation of our core belief in giving back.

In a concerted effort that saw over 20% of Snykers participating globally, we aimed to create a ripple effect of positive change, echoing our mission to enable a more inclusive and sustainable world. This year's engagement built upon the momentum of our inaugural Snyk Week of Impact in 2022, which set a high bar with over 200 Snykers volunteering across five countries.

The week at a glance

The week kicked off with a surge of energy, as Snykers everywhere tapped into their Volunteer Time Off — showing that no act of generosity is too small and that every minute spent making a difference is a significant contribution to the world.

Snapshot of compassion and collaboration

Here’s a glimpse of how Snykers made an impact:

Embracing Virtual Volunteering: We made science fun and accessible by assembling virtual STEM kits with Generus. Bonus: a serenade from Ariel The Little Mermaid that added a dash of magic to the experience.

Nourishing Communities: From the kitchens in Sydney to the food banks in Singapore and New York City, our teams exemplified what it means to serve with love. Meals were prepped, food sorted, and an incredible 7,680 meals were packed by the Boston team alone.


Adaptability in Action: Our London Snykers didn’t let the rain wash away their enthusiasm. When the weather played spoilsport with their painting plans, they swiftly shifted gears, focusing on food distribution, tidying up communal spaces, and engaging in heartwarming activities with children.

Renovation and Restoration: The Snyk team in Cluj were the early birds, undertaking a school renovation to create a vibrant and conducive learning environment in a school in Ciucea.

Immediate Impact: In Zurich, our dedicated Snykers assembled 301 essential diaper kits, promptly distributed to partner agencies. The immediate gratitude and joy from the agencies were palpable reminders of the importance of our work.


The human stories behind the impact

Photographs from the week tell tales of commitment and camaraderie. Smiling faces at the NYC Food Bank, concentrated efforts in the kitchens of Sydney, and spirited teamwork in Singapore underscore a global commitment to making a difference.


Looking ahead

As we wrap up this chapter of Snyk's Week of Impact, we are reminded that the journey of giving back does not end here. Each Snyker has the power to make an impact year-round, and we encourage the continued use of Volunteer Time Off to support the causes closest to their hearts.

The week may be over, but the impact is everlasting. We thank every participant who joined hands, heart, and soul to contribute to this powerful initiative. Your actions exemplify Snyk’s values and commitment to community, setting an inspirational precedent for many weeks of impact to come.

Stay tuned for our next adventure in giving back — and remember, every small action contributes to a much larger story of hope and help.

In unity, we not only enhance our communities but also embody the true essence of being a Snyker — secure, supportive, and socially responsible.

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