Snyk sponsors Dynatrace Perform 2023 with a preview of new integration

Written by:
Sarah Conway

February 16, 2023

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In early 2021, Snyk and Dynatrace announced that the Snyk Intel database would be integrated into the Dynatrace Application Security Module to identify vulnerabilities in real-time in production and pre-production environments to facilitate faster and easier remediation by developers.

And now, we’re excited to announce our collaboration to enhance observability context even further with security posture information. Dynatrace is helping many global enterprises on their migration to the cloud, and increasing visibility is vital to improving security posture.

Why Snyk is sponsoring Perform 2023

Perform is Dynatrace’s annual flagship conference where tech leaders, visionaries, and Dynatrace experts network with customers, prospects, and partners for four virtual days of keynotes, breakout sessions, customer panels, and deep-dive training. Today’s opening keynote announced how Snyk and Dynatrace  are entering into a strategic alliance to deliver complete DevSecOps lifecycle coverage — see today’s joint news announcement here to learn more

Snyk’s platform is purpose built to support modern, native cloud application development practices, allowing teams to integrate security throughout the developer workflow and across the entire software development lifecycle.  Pairing Snyk’s developer-first security platform with an observability-driven feedback loop eliminates any security blindspots. 

Dynatrace and Snyk bring complementary capabilities to different parts of the DevSecOps lifecycle. Dynatrace adds runtime vulnerability analysis in production to Snyk’s container scanning analysis tools to provide end-to-end coverage for application security. Customers have asked for this kind of full lifecycle solution to address application security gaps.

We’ve had the chance to share a sneak peek of the new DevSecOps LifeCycle Coverage with Snyk app — which is built on the new Dynatrace AppEngine — at our booth. In our sessions, we’re discussing how combining “shift-left” cloud application security posture information with “shift-right” observability context can help teams quickly identify policy enforcement gaps.

A leap forward in application security and observability 

This strategic alliance is revolutionizing the way organizations approach application security by bringing together two critical enterprise initiatives — developer security and observability. The integration of Snyk's developer-first security insights into Dynatrace monitoring will give both security and development teams the ability to observe, investigate, and prioritize remediation in a single solution. This will help establish data-driven security governance from the first line of code to applications running across multiple clouds.

With this strategic alliance, security and development teams will be able to assess application exposures across complex environments, identify which production workloads and containers have been scanned, and prioritize fixes. 

Major benefits of this include:

  • Unified security insights from development to production runtime

  • Comprehensive coverage for container images

  • Targeted remediation to maximize efficiency

  • Data-driven security governance

With this integration, expected to be generally available in the coming weeks, developers can address vulnerabilities in containerized applications early to avoid costly issues in production, while security teams provide the right level of governance and identify gaps in security controls.

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