Snyk and Atlassian deepen partnership with Snyk security in Jira Software

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Jill Wilkins
Jill Wilkins

February 8, 2023

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Our long-standing partnership with Atlassian is built on our mutual commitment to providing a great developer experience.

It started with our native integration within the Bitbucket Cloud UI, and today we’re incredibly excited to announce yet another new door opening in our partnership. The new Snyk integration for Jira Software will bring security and collaboration to Atlassian users at every stage of the development lifecycle. 

At times, developers see security as a blocker to rapid application development and efficient deployment.  According to recent studies, nearly half (46%) of surveyed developers believe that incorporating security protocols disrupts the development process, and 45% of organizations claim they’ve released software without security checks.

Security scans that return false positives can easily interfere with developer and security teamwork. Yet, to reduce risk at scale, development and security teams need to find ways to proactively collaborate on security issues. 

With more than 200,000 customers across all industries using Atlassian solutions to facilitate agile software development, we believe that expanding our partnership with Atlassian is an ideal way to bring developer and security teams together. 

Great teams collaborate to stay secure

With this new integration, developer teams will be able to access Snyk data within the Jira UI for the first time. Issues in open source dependencies will also be visible within Jira to give organizations  a comprehensive view of their security posture. 

Snyk is joining Atlassian this week in Berlin to present at Unleash, Atlassian’s new agile and DevOps event for the Jira community.  At the event, Atlassian and Snyk will present an early preview showing Snyk-identified issues inside the Jira UI.  

Lilla Mészáros, Snyk Engineering Manager, will show the Unleash crowd and digital audience how the expanded Snyk and Atlassian partnership will:

  • Reduce organizational risks at scale with easy collaboration between development and security teams.

  • Quickly generate or map to existing Jira issues directly from vulnerabilities within the Security tab. 

  • Associate vulnerabilities with issues and assign issues in the security tab 

  • Triage results using details like severity, vulnerability type, and date of introduction.

Armed with these security insights Jira users will be able to prioritize security issues, minimize errors and duplication, and complete sprints on time.

For early access to Snyk Security for Jira Software, sign up here. In the coming weeks, and at Team’23, we’ll have more details on our beta program. Check out all of Snyk's integrations here.

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