Introducing Snyk Learn: Free developer security education

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Edgar Kussberg
Edgar Kussberg

October 6, 2021

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During SnykCon 2021, we announced the preview of our free, self-paced security education for developers called Snyk Learn. This new solution delivers high-quality, relevant educational content online that’s integrated within our Snyk security products, enabling any developer to become a secure developer.

Why Snyk Learn?

As developers continue to take more responsibility for application security, we recognized the need for security education that’s relevant, actionable, and engaging for developers, so they can:

  • Solve security issues they encounter faster

  • Avoid issues from happening in the future

  • Help a colleague understand an issue they are facing

With this in mind, we’ve built Snyk Learn to help developers educate themselves about security when and where is most convenient for them. Security needs to be embedded within existing workflows, so security education should be too!

We have an enormous amount of data about the most common types of vulnerabilities from the millions of projects that we monitor with the Snyk platform. This enables us to curate highly relevant content that’s tailored to developers. Snyk Learn is launching with educational material for the Java, JavaScript, and Kubernetes ecosystems, with many more to follow.

At Snyk, we also believe security education is most effective when it’s provided at the moment in time when you need it. That’s why we’ve integrated this educational content directly into the Snyk platform, enabling developers to better learn from issues that Snyk finds in their code.

What you can expect with Snyk Learn

Within the Snyk Learn platform, each lesson introduces you to the basics of a particular vulnerability. The platform provides hands-on, step-by-step examples, so that you can learn by doing. Each lesson describes how the vulnerability works under the hood, explains some of the most common mitigation strategies, and provides additional resources like white papers, videos, blogs, and cheat sheets.

Here’s why we’re so excited about Snyk Learn.

Control your own security learning journey

Most existing security education solutions for developers are either expensive, high-quality courses or free online sources with varying degrees of quality (which requires self-curation). Snyk Learn combines the best of both worlds with high-quality, interactive security content that developers can use for free. Everyone should have access to the resources they need to become a secure developer.


Learn when it’s most actionable

With Snyk Learn, you can access our bite-sized modules instantly either online or using our integrated Snyk security tool experience. Choose your own path: “just-in-time” learning to immediately understand and fix vulnerabilities you’ve discovered using Snyk, or, for security curious developers, taking a short lesson or two for personal/professional development. By getting instruction at the optimal time for you, it becomes easier to digest and apply these new security insights to the code you write.

Learn with relevant context

Lessons are offered in different languages and ecosystems, ensuring each lesson is relevant to you. In addition, when reviewing issues in your code that Snyk discovers, you’ll now see links to relevant Snyk Learn content right when and where you need it. These content suggestions appear in Snyk’s dashboard and directly within your IDE.

Uplevel your security skills today with Snyk Learn

Snyk Learn is a rapidly growing set of educational security content that makes learning fun. We’re so eager to show you Snyk Learn and to get your input, we’re building it right out in the open. Try out our new solution for free online or within the Snyk security tools to level up your security skills today.

Join us in creating a new security education experience!

We are actively looking for contributions from bloggers, content creators, hackers, security experts, and instructors to join us in educating developers to build a secure future. If you are interested, please contact us. And if you’d like to be part of the team — on Snyk Learn or one of our many other teams — we’re hiring!

Interest in improving your secure coding skills? Try out Snyk Learn for free today.

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