Providing Comprehensive Application Security from Code to Production: New Snyk and Hdiv Security Partnership

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Carey Stanton
Carey Stanton

October 26, 2021

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We’re excited to announce today a new strategic partnership with the team atHdiv Security!

Together, we look forward to helping more global businesses to innovate securely by combining Snyk’s static analysis with Hdiv’s interactive testing capabilities. This will allow these digital-first organizations to continue their rapid pace of innovation while staying secure through comprehensive application security – from code in development to running workloads in production.

The combined Snyk and Hdiv Security teams will empower more of the world’s developers to more effectively uncover security flaws, further enabling them to then prioritize the remediation and mitigation of their most pressing application-layer risks. This comprehensive approach brings together the industry leading testing and inspection solutions across the full software development lifecycle (SDLC), underpinned by Snyk's developer-first static application security testing (SAST) solution, Snyk Code, together with Hdiv Security’s interactive application security testing (IAST) product, Hdiv Detection.

This powerful combination of static and dynamic analysis technologies will ultimately provide joint customers with:

  • Improved coverage and accuracy: minimizing the chance of undetected vulnerabilities being unintentionally ignored and allowing better prioritization to increase individual developer impact; and,

  • Overall increased developer productivity: developer teams are optimized for speed and agility and can achieve greater impact when acting on security insights earlier in the SDLC, directly contributing to their company’s business outcomes and overall security posture.

At Snyk, we recognize that it’s only when security is embedded into developers’ entire workflow – from code to production – that it becomes truly possible to scale security, while also increasing the pace of application delivery. We’re thrilled to work closely with the Hdiv Security team to make our shared vision for secure innovation a reality by optimizing global developer teams with the most comprehensive application security solution available today.

Roberto and the entire Hdiv Security team have clearly demonstrated that IAST tools are one of the best investments developers can make to improve the overall security posture of their applications. Now even more global customers will be able to benefit from true end-to-end visibility into their application security risk, easing the burdens their security and development teams may be currently experiencing.

Visit our Partners page to learn more to learn more about how our partnerships with Hdiv Security, Atlassian, AWS, Docker, Rapid7, and others, make it easy to integrate Snyk into your unique development environment.

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