Snykers spoke, we listened—Snyk collects 4 Best Place to Work awards by Comparably

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Fenella Vavasour
Fenella Vavasour
Francesca Scantlebury
Francesca Scantlebury

August 13, 2020

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In this year's Comparably awards, Snyk was honored with four different Best Place to Work awards that highlight some of the best aspects of Snyk culture!

It’s no news that this year has been a difficult and divisive year for almost everybody. However, these past few months have built a strong and positive foundation for the latter half of the year. Snyk saw further growth in our current teams and with more space to keep growing and many positions that are currently open.

Winning these awards with Comparably is a reflection of how our snykers feel about our workplace community and why they choose to remain a part of our engaging and collaborative culture. If it weren’t for our snykers’ reviews and feedback, we wouldn’t have been able to win these awards. 

Let’s have a closer look at the four awards with which Comparably honored us.

Best CEO for Diversity


Comparably data shows employees rate us ten percent higher than the average score companies obtain on Comparably. This data is very telling of the unique culture Snyk has built in the last few years, showing a unity between employees driving the way we communicate and collaborate together internally.

It has to be taken into account how much of a fit this is, considering that Snyk has seen rapid employee growth—150% in one year alone—whilst establishing offices spread across three continents. Each office location that Snyk has opened has its own distinct culture and local customs, intertwining this with the global work culture that Snyk maintains.

One huge contributor to how we have managed to achieve this is not by mimicking so many other companies and using diversity merely as a quota, but by transforming it into one of our main strengths. Our teams function and subsequently achieve because of the varied backgrounds and experiences our Snykers bring with them.

Best CEO for Women


At Snyk we recognize certain factors can cause women to leave, and be dissuaded from joining high-growth start-ups such as ourselves, and it is an element of the tech industry we have always worked diligently to avoid. Through initiatives and celebrations, we look to support the women in our workplace. From events such as a panel discussion for International Women’s Day with both internal and external speakers from women in tech, to benefit initiatives such as flexible working hours. We realize start-ups can often be viewed as a male-dominated space, and to combat that, action is needed!

On top of events and benefits, we also have been keen to grow and develop our leadership team with an equal balance of genders and, as a result, we have women in leadership positions throughout all areas of our business, from Engineering to People. It has also always been important to us that we pay salaries that correspond to the level of an employee’s job and the skills required for it. As women are more likely to take leave from work at some point during their career, which can be a huge contributor to pay gaps between genders, we have always been focused on paying fairly and equally. 

Best Company Leadership


Not only was Snyk recognized in this category, but Snyk was awarded the number one spot in the small and mid-size companies category. To anyone who works at Snyk, this will come as no surprise as time and time again employee’s recognize the transparency and support our leadership team provides to the company.

Comparably asked employee’s for their measured and honest feedback on a variety of questions exploring the perception of the leadership team. On several questions, including the question “Is your company invested in your career growth?”, our employees honored our leadership team with 100% positive feedback. Every Snyker recognized that on a weekly basis they received valuable feedback from their manager, contributing towards their personal career development and growth.

On top of development and growth, the resounding view of our snykers is that their personal wellbeing is prioritized, with every woman asked stating they felt their manager cared about them. The statistics provided by Comparably really reinforce the view of our employees who trust in our company leadership and reflect the approachable and transparent culture we have established.

Best Professional Development


To determine winners in this category, Comparably asked our employees for their anonymous answers to questions including “How often do you get valuable feedback on how to improve at work?”, and “Are you challenged at work?”. After receiving the results we were pleased to see that this is an area where our employees felt extremely satisfied.

Often smaller companies will put training budgets or programs focused on employees’ career development on the back burner for years due to time constraints and cost. However, despite being a start-up, we are wholly invested in supporting our employees’ growth, and development. We hire those who are excited to boost their career, eager to learn and have a global impact. A core part of our company values is to have a blameless culture that provides an ideal environment for our employees to learn and grow without fear of making mistakes.

Alongside talent review programs, we encourage our employees to seek and give regular feedback to one another, make use of their personal annual learning budget, and use our paid-for platforms—such as Lattice for goal setting and Learnerbly for personalized recommendations on development resources.

Some final thoughts

We are thrilled to have been recognized in these award categories by Comparably for their 2020 awards. In the last year, Snyk has grown rapidly, with the release of a new product (Snyk Container), a $150 million funding round in January, and the establishment of several new partnerships, including Docker and RedHat—to name only a few of the exciting events that have taken place!

Yet these achievements would not have been possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of all of our employees. Building a safe, accepting culture, where our snykers are encouraged to learn and grow by our supportive leadership team, has been paramount to our success, and will remain priority number one on Snyk’s journey.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place as cybercrime continues to grow and more industries digitize, and we believe by continuing to strive to be the best place we can be for all of our employees to work in, Snyk will reach even greater heights.

If you would like to contribute to our mission and become a part of our journey, check out our open jobs.

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